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Introducing, our next post from our lovely guest blogger, Kate Hayward…

I have just returned from a wedding weekend in the Midlands, not only did I attend the amazing bash to celebrate two friends I know from my uni days getting married, I also spent 3 days doing wedding planning things.

One of the big ‘jobs’ I got sorted was to meet with my florist, well actually it was having a chat with a good friend over a cup of tea, Fay is an amazing woman who is an experienced and talented florist, who I have always known I would want to do my wedding.

Wedding Flowers

Beautiful flowers by Fay

All the photos are of Fays designs, the 3 to the left are from my sisters wedding: her bouquet (displayed next to the cake), a table centre and a pew-end. The others are taken from her (personal) Facbook page.

Hands-up I have no idea what it would be like to walk into a shop or chat on the phone to a supplier, but I like to think working with Fay is a little easier. After a general catch-up we started chatting wedding and what can I say, she got the whole concept (as well as a sneaky peak at my dress, my sisters dress and my Shakespearian inspiration).

I listed off what items I want: 9 button holes (3 styles) for the men, 4 girly buttonholes, 3 ladies corsages, something for my pageboy, my bouquet and flowers for bridesmaids to carry and for their hair. Not to mention something small for the members of the choir!

There is also 12 tables to decorate at the reception, the cake table to beautify and some other bits and pieces.

Flowers Wedding Inspiratioin

Buttonholes & Bridesmaids

Top row: Herb Buttonhole Pinecone Buttonhole, Rose & Lily of the Valley ButtonholeAutumnal Buttonhole

Middle row: Hair Wreath with Ribbon and Beads, Babies Breath WreathRose WandUp-do with Flowers

Bottom row: Cherry Blossom and Twigs Wreath, Wrist Corsage

I then went through the flowers (and plants) I want to use and was very excited when she agrees it would work beautifully together. I want to keep it simple, 2 flowers and 2 types of greenery, one of which we have grown from small ‘plugs’ for the more personal touch.

You may notice that I haven’t mentioned the flowers for the church; this is because, with family and friends, I want to be responsible for that. I have a simple vision that uses a lot of candles, rather than flowers.

So overall a very productive meeting!

Beautiful Floral Wedding Inspiration

Beautiful Floral Wedding Inspiration

Left to right: Left: HyacinthDavid Austin RosesWax Flower

Centre: Stargazer LilyIvy, Calla LilyLavenderHydrangea

Right: Hypericum Berries, White Poppy, Freesias, Two-tone Gerbera, Heather

During the weekend I also went to purchase some willow for decorative purposes and more can be read on that at Godiva Crafts.

In other news: The RSVP and gift list cards are sorted ready for the invites & going to print the info sheets this weekend.

I have sorted all my accessories and purchased lots and lots of stuff from Ikea (I love that place!)

Need to start thinking about grooms gift for Ed (eek!)

Until next time ~ Kate x


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