Colours Collection – Turquoise

Today’s post from the Colours Collection focuses on the vibrant shade of Turquoise.

First up are some beautiful wedding gowns – one that fully embraces turquoise as the main colour, and one that includes a more subtle detail.

This gown, by Goldi & Static is just beautiful – it has intricate detailing on the bodice, combined with the use of oversized bows and flowers. The designer(s) are a bit of a mystery – I can’t seem to track down any information on them so if anyone can shed some light, please feel free to share below. Image sourced here.

Marie Antoinette Inspired Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress by Goldi & Static

Again, another mystery designer here, but one who can still inspire you. I love the use of the turquoise sash here, and the dress itself is die for. The lace overlay is wonderfully detailed, and ticks the box for vintage styling. Image courtesy of Stacey Doyle Photography, sourced here.

Lace Vintage Wedding Dress

Lace Wedding Dress with Turquoise Sash

I couldn’t resist including a pair of shoes from my favourite designer – Figgie Shoes. More info on Figgie can be found in a previous post of mine on Alternative Wedding Shoes. Incorporating a bright colour into your day doesn’t mean it always has to take centre stage; little flashes of the chosen colour is sometimes all you need. Image sourced on Figgie Shoes Facebook Page.

Custom Turquoise Wedding Shoes

Personalised Turquoise Wedding Shoes by ‘Figgie Shoes’

Bridal bouquets are changing and steering away from traditional flower arrangements. I love the use of buttons and brooches in bouquets which can be very in-keeping with vintage weddings. You can source either genuine, or vintage inspired, accessories to adorn your bouquet with. This bouquet would compliment a white wedding gown perfectly. Image sourced here.

Vintage Brooch & Button Wedding Bouquet

Vintage Wedding Bouquet with Turquoise

Now for some lovely colour combinations using Turquoise and…

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown and Turquoise are a common colour combination, with the brown acting as the calmer, base colour in the design for these wedding favours. Image sourced here.

Wedding Favours

Turquoise & Chocolate Brown


This next variation includes one of my favourite colours (can you tell by the design of my blog?!), pink! The colours used together make for a vibrant look, and would be great for a Spring wedding in my opinion. I love everything about this – the vintage crockery, pink roses, and delicate turquoise lace detail. Image courtesy of Marianne Taylor, image sourced here.

Turquoise and Pink Wedding Inspiration

Turquoise and Pink Wedding Inspiration


Finally, a way to really make a colour statement at your wedding is combining it with bright orange. I think this colour combo only really works for a summertime wedding, or if you’re lucky enough to be getting hitched abroad. Image sourced here.

Turquoise and Orange Wedding

Turquoise and Orange Table Setting

The next in my Colours Collection will be….. Purple! And it will follow later in the week, so stay tuned!

L x


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