Wedding Day Disasters

I’ve decided to revisit a blog post that I published last September – Wedding Day Disasters… and how to fix them!

It’s an awful thing to think about – you’ve invested hours of your time, and a lot of hard-earned money into organising the wedding day of your dreams. And then it all comes crashing down around you.

There are certain measures that you can take to avoid wedding day dramas including –

Choosing Reputable Suppliers

Make sure you pick carefully when it comes to your wedding suppliers. The cheapest option may not always be wise, all suppliers should be willing to provide comprehensive, cohesive quotations, and if you have any alarm bells ringing, then look elsewhere. If it gets to your wedding day, and a supplier drops out on you, take a look at our Wedding Disasters post for some helpful tips on how to salvage a bad situation.

Wedding Day Disasters

Try not to achieve the impossible

With the plethora of wedding inspiration available, it’s easy to get carried away – there’s no doubt about it. But don’t build yourself up for a fall. If you try to organise a wedding that is beyond the capability of both you, and potentially your venue or suppliers, then you will only be left feeling disappointed that it didn’t quite work out. Be realistic with your wedding budget and plans for the day.

Wedding Day Disasters

Have a contingency plan

What would you do if, the night before your wedding, your venue called to cancel due to a flood? It probably sends a shudder down your spine, and the prospect is barely comprehensible. But what if it really did happen? What would you do? Where would you go?

If you’ve organised an outdoor wedding, what happens if the heavens open and it rains like you’ve never seen rain before? Make sure to have a wet weather contingency plan in place too.

Wedding Day Disasters

Protect yourself against potential losses

Wedding Insurance is something that is seriously worth considering. With so many suppliers and services contributing to your wedding day, insurance can cover you should something go wrong. If you have to postpone the wedding, your dress is damaged, or a supplier pulls out, having an insurance policy could support you financially, depending on the level of cover you opt for. John Lewis has put together a helpful video to demonstrate the importance of wedding insurance.

Did you encounter a wedding day disaster, and would like to share your story?

Email with your submissions!

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