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Hi all, time for my weekly catch up. This weekend a very exciting thing happened, I finally got to meet Laura from Dotty Vintage Weddings.

I live in Bristol and as she was live blogging at the Weird & Wonderful Wedding World Show, it seemed like the ideal opportunity to actually have a chat and put a face to a name. And very lovely it was too!

The event was unique and a real eye-opener, to say the least! Whilst chatting about the fair, Laura and I started discussing how much the wedding world has changed in the last few years and it got me thinking…

Since I got married in 2008, the way we plan and organise weddings, and the big days themselves, have changed beyond recognition.

Weird Weddings

For me, when it came to inspiration, it was all about other weddings I had been to and the almighty wedding magazine. Don’t get me wrong, wedding mags are great, and still have their place, but sources of inspiration are now almost unlimited. Oh, and I bought a book…100 odd pages of inspiration…so about 10 photos of bouquets and about 20 images of different dresses, all white and all quickly going out of fashion as I looked at them!

Weird Weddings

Back when I was planning my big day, the internet, yes it existed, of course (I’m not that old!), but it just didn’t have the myriad of websites and forums that can be found today. There were one or two sites that every bride was scouring and that was pretty much it for ideas.

Weird Weddings

The wedding blog just didn’t exist. Or if it did, it was so new, it was as far off my radar as Mars. But for today’s bride the wedding blog is an invaluable resource. There are so many bloggers out there; a blushing bride can literally pick a blogger which feels like them. It’s just like having a new best friend to hold your hand through to your big day…ooooh lovely!

Weird Weddings

And don’t get me started on Pinterest…it’s truly an amazing and inspirational place….hours can be lost just wadding through a mountain of inspiring, thought-provoking and down right gorgeous images. So, be grateful for the wealth of beautifulness you can find at the click of a button.

Weird Weddings

And never underestimate a wedding fair. When I was a bride-to-be, I didn’t go to any. Back then, they felt rather old-fashioned and slightly tacky. Not at all like the gems about today. Wedding fairs come in all shapes and sizes (just like brides). There are the enormous corporate, regional shows; tiny bespoke dos at quirky little venues; breathtaking vintage affairs and alternative events like the Weird and Wonderful Wedding World Show, all with something different to offer the individual, discerning bride.

Weird Weddings

And because weddings no longer need to include a white dress, a church, and a sit down meal literally anything can be a source of inspiration (I missed this trick too!). So don’t ignore the world around you; great graffiti, art exhibitions, a walk in the woods, the design of your favourite shop, your hobbies. Inspiration can come from the most unusual places…taxidermy headdress anyone?!

Faye produced two weird and wacky moodboards to inspire you this week – make sure you take a peek!

Happy planning!

Rebecca xx

Don’t forget that Rebecca’a lovely other half is a fabulous wedding photographer! Rebecca & Richard are hugely talented, with a genuine passion and knowledge of the wedding industry. Richard is my wedding photographer for next year, and I can’t explain how much I trust his capability. Richard is based in Bristol and covers the South West, but is able to travel upon request.

Check out his website –


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