The Vintage Sash Company – Beautiful Wedding Loveliness!

The Vintage Sash Company has only recently launched, but they are already one of my most favourite wedding suppliers!

The Vintage Sash Co. offer a spectacular range of vintage inspired, and genuine vintage fabric sashes. I’m delighted to feature them on the blog, at what I’m sure is the start of a very successful business! I caught up with Michele to find out more…

The Vintage Sash Company

I’m organising a rustic and quirky wedding – are you the right supplier for me?

100% yes. Our sashes can be styled as rustic, vintage, contemporary, or simply chic! Our vintage, reclaimed range offers you the chance to be completely unique.

Rustic Vintage Wedding Sashes

*Dotty Loves* Beautiful Floral Fabric *Dotty Loves*

The mix of fabrics and patterns can be tailored to you and if you have certain fabric that means something to you, we can incorporate that too.

Rustic Vintage Wedding Sashes

*Dotty Loves* Rustic Chiavari Chairs *Dotty Loves*

If I have a specific theme or colour scheme, are you able to offer a bespoke sash design? 

100% yes again! We can get hold of many beautiful vintage and vintage style fabrics. We would work with you to create the look you want. Some brides want to stick to a theme, others are looking for something more ‘eclectic’ – we can do both. And we’re always looking for new ideas, so if a bride has something specific she would like, we love to hear about it!

Rustic Vintage Wedding Sashes

How much is it to hire your beautiful sashes?

We charge £3 to hire plus £25 delivery fee, or £5.50 each to buy – you can keep the sashes and make them into a keepsake from the wedding or use them to make something else – quilting anyone?!

Rustic Vintage Wedding Sashes

*Dotty Loves* Mismatched Floral Colours *Dotty Loves*

Which areas of the UK do you cover?

We are a completely D.I.Y service, so we can ship anywhere – even overseas (extra charges would apply).

Rustic Vintage Wedding Sashes

Can I find you at any events this year?

We are looking at lots of opportunities to exhibit throughout the year, so please check in at our Facebook Page or website for updates.

Rustic Vintage Wedding Sashes*Dotty Loves* Checkered Vintage Sashes *Dotty Loves*

Want to find out more?

You can find the Vintage Sash Company on their social media networks for lots more information and pretty, pretty snaps!

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