Moodboard Monday

Faye joins us once more for…. Moodboard Monday!

Moodboard Monday

It’s Moodboard Monday time again! This week I will be bringing to you all the glitz & glamour of the 1920s!

When it comes to vintage glamour, the roaring twenties certainly knows best! This was the golden era immortalised by Hollywood movies & the art deco movement. Women chucked out Victorian fashion & replaced them with amazingly ornate ‘flapper’ dresses & cute ‘bob’ hair-dos! Feathers replaced flowers; cars replaced horses; & pearls, glass-beading, tassels & sequins replaced everything! And if that wasn’t enough, everyone spent their time dancing to either the Charleston or the Foxtrot! Wow, what an era!

With so many delightful trimmings to choose from, it comes as no surprise that, the 1920s makes for the most beautiful & glamorous vintage weddings! Enjoy the inspiration….

Golden Deco

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**  Vintage Glamour  **  Flapper Bridesmaids  **  Luxe Gold  **  Deco Decor  **

Moodboard Monday


Golden Deco: (1, 2): (3): (4, 13): Pinterest (5): (6): Merrymint (7): NOTHS (8): NeatstuffAntiques (9): Lulusplendor (10): (11): (12):


Tickled Blush

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**  Gramophone  ** Fabulous Feathers  **  Lace Up Booties  **  Sparkly Sequins  **

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Tickled Blush: (1): (2): (3, 6, 7, 8): Pinterest (4): (5): (9): (10): (9): (10):

You can find more of Faye’s wonderful design work on her Facebook Page. She also has the most beautiful bespoke and vintage range of Wedding Stationery, an absolute MUST if you’re organising a vintage wedding!

Until next Monday!

L x


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