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I met the lovely Adele during #VintageWedHour on Twitter a few weeks ago, and was delighted to hear that she was about to launch her new wedding business in Cornwall – Umbrellas for Weddings

Umbrellas for Weddings

When did you start the business? Who works ‘behind the scenes’?

I began setting up the business about two months ago, and launched the new website on the 20th March.  At the moment, it is only myself working on all aspects of the business: sourcing the products, designing the site, and all the administration work, with some help from my husband on the finance.

Heart Umbrella

My branding was designed by an amazing, talented lady called Melanie Chadwick, from Falmouth, who is a freelance illustrator and product designer.  Her blog is called Mellybeeblog, I really recommend you have a look.

Frilly Cream Wedding Umbrella

Melanie designed the logo, website illustrations and all my stationery and I am so pleased with it. We worked together to come up with the branding. I wanted the company to have a slight ‘Cornwall’ vibe to it, with the simple drawing style a little bit seaside-y, as you can see from the flag-like style of the logo.

Black Frilly Polka Dot Wedding Umbrella

Where do you find your inspiration comes from? Where did the concept of ‘Umbrellas for Weddings’ come from?

My inspiration for the business really comes from the fact that being in Cornwall, we are possibly in one of the best locations in the country for couples to get married.  I previously helped a friend set up a wedding accessory hire business and really felt that I could use that experience to start my own wedding business, but I did not want to offer the same service or products that others were already doing most successfully.

Stripy Wedding Umbrella

My ‘lightbulb’ moment really came at New Year, when all the television shows were doing their usual ‘let’s look back at 2012’, and what was the biggest story? The weather!  How it had poured all year!  And so, thinking of all the work and planning that goes into a couple’s big day, I thought, ‘why not find some really gorgeous, vintage style wedding umbrellas and sun parasols?’

So the search began…

Burlesque Wedding Umbrella

Can you give me a quick overview of the umbrellas you offer?

Since then I have sourced some really beautiful wedding umbrellas and parasols.  They are very delicate and dainty to look at, but at the same time are completely practical to hold a rain shower off. We have vintage lace styles, as well as larger canopied beautiful flounced styles in lots of colours to match any bride’s theme.  We also have quirky heart-shaped umbrellas in a variety of colours, which look really great in groups.  All these products look amazing in photographs, so by buying one a bride has not only allowed for any bad weather, but a beautiful accessory to be pictured with.

White Frilly Wedding Umbrella

A new trend is also to decorate the ceiling of the wedding venue with umbrellas, which can be seen on my Pinterest Page. They look great grouped together, and have a vibrant impact for relatively little expense.

Umbrellas for Weddings

Do you offer any other items for weddings at all?

As well as the umbrellas, we sell wellington boots: at the moment we have two gorgeous, country wedding look designs by Emma Bridgewater which are great for both brides and bridesmaids, and from April, I will hopefully be stocking some special bridal wellington boots which are quite unique, fabulous, and are really designed purely for the bride herself.

Wedding Wellington Boots

Eventually we would like to expand our range to include more outdoor wedding related items, so watch this space!

Can I find you at any events this year?

I will be showing in the Autumn at one or two Cornwall wedding fairs.

Pagoda Ivory Umbrella

Want to find out more?

If you’d like to find out more about Umbrellas for Weddings, and see their beautiful range in full, then you can find them here –

Company Website

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