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Today’s blog has come just at the right time. I am currently working on BBC Food & Drink and my days are consumed by food research. For me eating and drinking is where it’s at.

Would you believe the food trends right now are…

– Pimping your milkshake by adding alcohol (brilliant!)

– A return to poultry; chicken restaurants are sweeping through the capital (and we’re not talking southern fried!)

When it comes to weddings, food is a hugely important part of your day.

Marshmallow Garlands

*Dotty Loves* Marshmallow Garlands – Could a wedding get any cooler?! *Dotty Loves*

Celebrations in general are all about the feast and weddings are a great opportunity to share and appreciate good food.

Candyfloss Food
Thankfully, these days wedding food doesn’t have to involve a formal sit down meal with chicken supreme and profiteroles. The wedding world has changed beyond recognition and many couples don’t want to go down the package wedding route. Most people want a bespoke event which they have put together themselves and reflects their personalities and life together.

Mobile Candy Tray Wedding

*Dotty Loves* A mobile candy tray – genius! *Dotty Loves*

So, when it comes to wedding food, you can chow down on pretty much anything you please, and should feel free to do so. If asked, I suspect not many of us would list tough meat and soggy veg as one of our favourite meals. So, why choose this as your wedding breakfast?

Late Night Wedding Food Trucks
Go on be adventurous! What is your all-time favourite food, where do you go for a tastebud tantalising takeaway and which restaurant would you write rave reviews about?

Campervan Catering

*Dotty Loves* Caravan Catering – It’s quite simply, awesome! *Dotty Loves*

For my wedding we had a BBQ, which was great and really informal, but in hindsight I almost wish we had gone for my ultimate favourite food…pizza! Rich (the hubby) and I used to live just down the road from the most amazing pizzeria and even now I still dream of an A Cappella Pizza So, why didn’t we share this love affair with our nearest and dearest? It seems almost rude that we didn’t.

Mini Wedding Food!

*Dotty Loves* I had to include, even with a mini picture, this fabulous mini food! *Dotty Loves*

Talking of pizza…street-food is all the rage right now. From falafel to chimichangas, if you can think of it, there’s probably a van that sells it. So, let your imagination run wild. Also, a van will give your wedding a cute festival feel and will probably cost a fraction of the price of a more traditional caterer.

Wedding Food Truck Campervan
And don’t forget dessert or the booze.

A vintage style ice cream man, complete with bike and boater – Living the Cream

Living the Cream Wedding Icecream Trike

A mobile mulled-cider seller – Tricky Cider

Mobile Mulled Cider Wedding Bar

A travelling cocktail bar in a vintage VW camper van – Classy Camper Events

Mobile Cocktail Caravan

All of the above would give your wedding a very alternative feel. 

As ever, happy planning!

And if that wasn’t enough to inspire you, check out Faye’s beautiful moodboards this week – foody inspired wedding wonderfulness!

Rebecca xx

Don’t forget that Rebecca’a lovely other half is a fabulous wedding photographer! Rebecca & Richard are hugely talented, with a genuine passion and knowledge of the wedding industry. Richard is my wedding photographer for next year, and I can’t explain how much I trust his capability. Richard is based in Bristol and covers the South West, but is able to travel upon request.

Check out his website –


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    Adore the mini food and marshmallows! xx

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  3. The marshmallows are the coolest thing ever! Fact!

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