Moodboard Monday

Faye joins us once more for…. Moodboard Monday!

Moodboard Monday

Welcome to Moodboard Monday! This week I will be bringing to you ‘foody’ ways to style your wedding.

When it comes to picking your wedding colours & style, it can all be a little overwhelming. Your bridesmaids need to match your flowers, & your invites need to make your cake, & the story goes on until it’s bridal overload & you go crossed eyed! So let’s spin things on its head, because as the saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! It’s time to start playing with our food!

Food & drink can be a great source of inspiration when planning a wedding style. Think of all the different colours, smells & experiences it can bring to your day. From BBQ’s & hog roasts to candy stripes & cocktail bars; from traditional favourites to international flavours; from help yourself buffets to silver spoon service! Hopefully that’s given you food for your thoughts!


**  Dotty Loves**

**  Candy Floss Favours  **  Sweetie Table  **  Candy Necklaces  **  Striped Louboutins  **

Moodboard MondayCredits:

Sugar: (1): (2): (3, 12): Pinterest (4,6): Jason & Andie Speciality Sweets on Etsy (5): (7): (8): (9): Flump Bracelet (10): (11): Love Paper Co on Etsy (13):


**  Dotty Loves  **

**  Bridal Cardigan  ** Gingerbread  **  Cinnamon  **  Hot Cross Buns  **

Moodboard Monday


Spice: (1, 6): (2): (3): Etsy (4, 9, 10, 12 & 13): Pinterest (5): (6): (7): (8): (11):

 You can find more of Faye’s wonderful design work on her Facebook Page. She also has the most beautiful bespoke and vintage range of Wedding Stationery, an absolute MUST if you’re organising a vintage wedding!

Until next Monday!

L x


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