Regular Weekly Feature – Rebecca Hanmer

Break the rules. Be yourself. That’s what it’s all about on Dotty Vintage Weddings this week. Rebecca joins us for her weekly post, with lots of alternative wedding inspiration for you to feast your eyes upon.

Hi all, there is a wave of illness sweeping through the Hanmer household, so tired mummy Hanmer isn’t up to much! So bear with me.

Festival Wedding

*Dotty Loves* I’m getting flashbacks to the Fabulous Wedding Festival! *Dotty Loves*

However, I’ve been thinking about traditional weddings and how over the years the importance and meaning of traditions has changed. Today you can pretty much get married wherever you like and really anything goes.

Circus Wedding Inspiration

So, how do you stick to the traditions of marriage but do things in a unique untraditional way? As usual I’m here to give you some food for thought!

Paper Wedding Flowers

*Dotty Loves* The things you can do with paper! Bright, beautiful and bold. *Dotty Loves*

When it comes to getting married the world is your oyster. The only bit you definitely need for it to be a marriage is “I do”, the rest can be anything of your making. So why not forget the bestman, forgo the first dance and think about yourselves and the big day of your dreams.

Beach Wedding Theme

*Dotty Loves* I hope our wedding will be this relaxed, beach chic and lovely. *Dotty Loves*

Start with a theme. Do you love Alice in Wonderland, does your hubby obsess over Star Wars, are you a couple of surf bums? Whatever floats your boat make this your starting point and work backwards. And remember to have fun!

So, why not get married in a big top in a pink wedding dress with a collection of best girls and boys instead of bridesmaids. Arrive in a sidecar carrying your bouquet of buttons or butterflies. And don’t forget your bride’s speech as you sit on a picnic rug on the beach to eat your wedding BBQ.

Cheese Wedding Tower

Nothing beats a tower of cheese instead of a wedding cake and how about candy floss favours? Then party all night if you want to, with your nearest and dearest in their fancy dress wedding outfits!

Outdoor Wedding Door

*Dotty Loves* Outdoor Wedding Solutions – the bride still gets her grand entrance. *Dotty Loves*

It’s your day, so make it one you’ll love…

Happy planning!

Rebecca xx

If that wasn’t enough inspiration for you, then don’t forget our wonderful Weekly Moodboards from Faye!

Popcorn Wedding Favours


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