Moodboard Monday

Faye joins us once more for…. Moodboard Monday!

Moodboard Monday
This week I’ll be looking at non-traditional ways of including wedding traditions. Weddings are funny old things; so many traditions, so many etiquettes, so many people to please. Between you & me, some wedding traditions are so out of date; they’ve almost turned to cheese. And if we’re being really honest, the only part of the day that really matters, is the legal part – all the rest is for fun & frills!

If a big white dress isn’t for you, then find something that is. If you don’t have a best man, have a best girl. If you don’t like wedding cake, eat donuts! Celebrate what makes you different. Sod the traditions, start your own. Whatever your style, beliefs or livelihood – let your day, reflect you! Because you’ll never please everyone, so you might as well please yourselves!

 Rockin’ Red

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Moodboard Monday

Rockin’ Red: (1, 5, 7): Pinterest (2): (3, 8): (4): Aubrey & Phillip on Esty (6): (9): (10): Theoni on Esty (11):

Navy Blue

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Moodboard MondayCredits:

Navy Blue: (1, 6): Pinterest (2): (3): (4): (5): (7): Aly Nickerson on Etsy (8): Jugosa on Etsy (9): (10): (11):

I adore the use of traditional colours in non-traditional ways, in the two moodboards this week.

Red is often interpreted as the ‘colour of love’, and whilst this is romantic, it can often come across as a little tacky if not used carefully. The subtle red polka dots on the bride’s dress just enhance her personal style and offer a cute, but quirky bridal look.

Wedding food can be painfully boring, with brides assuming that they have to opt for a sit down (and often less than impressive), three course meal. The diner alternative in the first moodboard is just fabulous; and by enhancing your food with some funky colourful stationery, even a burger and fries can look glamorous!

I have several friends with partners in the Royal Navy, so the second moodboard will be wonderful inspiration for their weddings I’m sure. Navy blue might not be perceived as a ‘wild’ choice for your colour scheme, but it can be used in innovative ways to jazz up your wedding theme. I’ve never seen proper sailor themed bridesmaid dresses before, and definitely not with matching hats! L-O-V-E!

You can find more of Faye’s wonderful design work on her Facebook Page. She also has the most beautiful bespoke and vintage range of Wedding Stationery, an absolute MUST if you’re organising a vintage wedding!

Until next Monday!

L x


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