Moodboard Monday

I could hardly believe my eyes when I realised that Monday had come around once more. It’s time for “Moodboard Monday”, courtesy of the lovely Faye Neo of Curly Chops Design.

Moodboard Monday

Welcome to the second Moodboard Monday! This week I will be bringing to you crafty & rustic ideas for the DIY wedding!

Chances are, before he’s even put a ring on it, you’ve planned (in precise detail) your perfect wedding day! Everything matching, everything amazing, everything… perfect! Once the question’s been popped, it’s all go, go, go… then BAM! You’re hit with a budget! Suddenly your perfect day is costing the world, & it’s a hard pill to swallow.

But fear not! Where there is a will, there is a way – the DIY way! And what you lack in cash, you can make up with time & imagination. The internet is packed with so many quick & easy tutorials, helping make anything possible using only paper, paint, dye, string & jars. As well as saving you a small fortune, your wedding experience will be more rewarding & personal! So start saving those jars, it’s time to get crafty!

Rustic DIY

**  Dotty Loves**

** Wedding Cake Bunting  **  Chalkboards  **   Flowers in her Hair **  Wildflower Buttonholes  **

Moodboard Monday


Rustic DIY: (1) (2): (3): (4): (5,8,12): Pinterest (6): (7): (9): (10): (11):

Craft DIY

**  Dotty Loves  **

**  Pom Poms **  Paper Flowers  **  Crochet Wedding Dress  **  Pretty Pinecones  **

Moodboard Monday


Craft DIY: (1,4,6): Pinterest (2): (3): (4): (7): (8): (9): (10): (11): (12):

As a bride to be, I certainly feel inspired to get crafting! Are you a crafty bride to be?

You can find more of Faye’s wonderful design work on her Facebook Page. She also has the most beautiful bespoke and vintage range of Wedding Stationery, an absolute MUST if you’re organising a vintage wedding!

Until next Monday!

L x


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