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It’s Rebecca here and time for my first “proper” blog. It’s all about how to make the right decision when you’re choosing your wedding photographer. It’s a very short piece. Book my lovely hubby Richard…

No, seriously there are a ton of things to think about…and this is your guide to getting it right.

When Richard and I got married we were disappointed with our wedding photos. It was such an amazing day, but it wasn’t captured in the way we wanted. In hindsight there are so many things we would have done differently when it came to choosing our photographer. This is one of the reasons Richard started his wedding photography business. He felt he could definitely offer more, provide a better service and take lovelier shots.

Ben & Molly Wedding Photography

Hopefully for most of you you’ll only get married once. It’s probably the one day in your life you will give most thought to. You’ll be planning it for months, if not years, living and breathing it every moment and it will most likely be the most expensive day ever. So, it would be an oversight, nay silly, not to have a proper record of the event and one you are absolutely happy with.

Ben & Molly Wedding Photography

So here’s my ten point guide…

1. Even if you don’t like having your photo taken, don’t make this a reason not to take seriously getting a photographer.

In years to come you’ll look back and think you look gorgeous and even if you don’t at least you’ll have something beautiful to look back on if you get this decision right.

Ben & Molly Wedding Photography

2. Do your research.

The internet is fabulous, and sites like Twitter and Pinterest are packed with inspiration. Pinterest in particular is an endless resource. Get absorbed and work out what style and types of images you like. Do you like documentary photography capturing emotion or set up formal group shots, or a mix of both? Photography these days can be very stylised, with shots of shoes and arty images of headless bridesmaids. If you like this look then fantastic. But if your tastes are more traditional don’t be swayed by what’s in vogue. Go with your gut feeling and get what you want.

Ben & Molly Wedding Photography

3. Don’t leave it to the last minute.

Our initial photographer dropped out a month before the wedding so we were pushed for time to find a replacement. Availability was slim and our options were limited. So we settled for second best, and it showed. Get on the case sooner rather than later.

Ben & Molly Wedding Photography

4. Is your photographer the chap for you?

It sounds obvious but do you like the photographer’s images? And do you like the photographer? Do you get on and have rapport? Is he/she like you? Chances are if a photographer is 30 years older than you, wearing a dated suit and stuck in the 80’s he probably isn’t quite on your wavelength. Ask what photos the photographer likes to take, what they like to do and what inspires them. Get to know them!

Ben & Molly Wedding Photography

5. It’s your wedding.

Remember this is your day, what photos to you want? It’s all about you and not what your photographer wants to take shots of. He might just want to take images of the pretty young things but make sure if it’s important for you to have images of your 90 year old grandma he’s happy to get them. Also, look at the shots he takes of couples. Are they cheesy or stylish? These are really important shots, so make sure your photographer can nail them.

Ben & Molly Wedding Photography

6. When you are looking at a photographer’s work, firstly do you like it, but just as importantly can he tell a story?

Is there a flow to the images that give a good overview of the day? You don’t want a photographer that takes great photos in the morning, but loses his energy and the coverage peters out throughout the day. Will he capture the details too?

Ben & Molly Wedding Photography

7. What post production to the images does the photographer do, if any?

Working on shots can make the difference between a good and a great photo. Ask to see a before and after to see just how talented at post production the photographer is. It can make an unbelievable difference.

Ben & Molly Wedding Photography

8. What do you want from a package?

Do you want an album? Do you want getting ready shots? Do you want shots of the evening do? Do you want copyright of all your images? Before you meet photographers it’s useful to know the answers to these questions. And remember to ask what your money gets you. You don’t want to spend thousands of pounds thinking you are getting an album and you end up with a pile of loose images.

Ben & Molly Wedding Photography

9. Be realistic when it comes to your budget.

You may feel you only want a photographer for a few hours, but to get good coverage of the day it definitely makes sense to have someone there for as long as possible. Your photographer can’t do another job that day so it’s all very well asking for a half day but don’t be surprised if your photographer wants to charge you for a full day. Also, don’t forget; if you photographer is good at what he does he will edit and post produce your photos, which again takes time.

Ben & Molly Wedding Photography

10. And lastly, on your big day you need to feel relaxed, so do the ground work now and you can enjoy your big day with confidence in the knowledge you are getting exactly what YOU want!

Happy planning…

Rebecca x

All of the spectacular photos in this post have been taken by Richard, who looks after Ben & Molly Wedding Photography. Richard operates from his base in Bristol, and I’d highly recommend taking a look at his website if you’re searching for a fabulous wedding photographer for your very special day.

Ben & Molly Wedding Photography

Ben and Molly Wedding Photography


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  1. Great advice thank you Rebecca! xxx

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