Featured Supplier – The Vintage Cream Travelling Tea Parties

The Vintage Cream’s Travelling Tea Parties offer the perfect vintage ‘afternoon tea’ experience. The business operates from the beautiful county of Cornwall, and Emma tells us more on Dotty Vintage Weddings…

The Vintage Cream

Can you tell me about the company? Why/when did you start?

I was first introduced to authentic vintage through my uncle who started his vintage business in Camden Market by selling my Grandad’s old shirts; he has a fabulous vintage boutique and hair dressers on Chalk Farm Road called Dappa. I still have the very first vintage dress that he gave me from his shop, which I adore to this day. I started my own business with a friend, Two Little Birds, selling vintage clothing around 4 years ago, unfortunately last year we had to close, but it was such an amazing experience that I will cherish.

However, I knew I still had to develop my own passion for vintage, styling and craft, and so the Vintage Cream’s Travelling Tea Parties was born, which manages to roll all my loves into one! I really enjoy being a part of people’s special events and understand the importance of making each experience really unique. The Vintage Cream is different as I love to create an individual event through styling and crafting, whether that is handmade name tags or bespoke themed tea parties. I always ask clients if they have any ideas or themes that they would like me to include.

I can come and host the whole tea party in any pop-up location that you fancy, from the dressing up box, to the fancy cupcakes and of course a lovely cup of tea. Or for the DIY hen party you can simply hire the ‘HIY’ (Host it Yourself) package, which I can deliver or you can pick up!

The Vintage Cream

So you run the Vintage Cream from Cornwall – have you always lived here?

I moved to Cornwall when I was 12, I have travelled and moved away but I’m always drawn back to the sea. I love living in Cornwall, I am surrounded by fabulous friends, my new hubby, family and my trio of cats and of course beautiful scenery.

The Vintage Cream

Why vintage? What is it about vintage that inspires you to base your business around it?

As I mentioned above, I was very much inspired by my Uncle from a business perspective, but why I really love vintage is because of the history. I love looking back at old pictures or hearing tales of how people used to live, dress and socialise (including taking tea!), it’s fascinating. I used to work with older people and my favourite part was sitting down and listening to the stories that these amazing people told.

I remember one story in particular that a lady told me about how she had met her husband. One day, she was walking along when the heel of her shoe broke. Suddenly a handsome WW2 soldier came along; he told her to sit down and stay put, whilst he whisked off and took her shoe with him. She wasn’t sure if he’d return, but not long after he did, with a fixed shoe and that was the man she married, which was very unfortunate for the sailor she was engaged to!

So I guess why I base my business around it; like that story, I was to create an unforgettable memory, which will be recalled and enjoyed for many years. And anyway, who can resist the red lippy and a cup of tea!?

The Vintage Cream

Do you have a favourite vintage era?

I am very eclectic, I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite era, although I guess in a way I really do love the 80’s. Being an 80’s child, it’s very nostalgic and we even had an 80’s themed fancy dress party at our wedding.

The Vintage Cream

I’m planning a vintage wedding, and want to do something a bit different for my hen do. Can you help?

Yes indeed! If you want to dress up, drink tea (or even bubbly from teapots), spend quality time with friends and lavish yourself in chintzy china then I’m your gal!

The Vintage Cream

I have a specific theme – can you offer a themed tea party?

I offer four themes, The Original Vintage Tea Party (40’s Floral and Chintz), The Rock n Roll Tea Party (Polka Dots and 50’s Themed), The Fabulous Flapper Tea Party (Decadent and Glam) or The Alice in Floral Land (White Rabbit meets Pink Florals) – or if you have any ideas I’m always up for planning a new theme!

Can you tell me about the workshops that you can offer?

I offer a small selection of workshops, including vintage hair, garter making and sock pigs, but have lots of contacts and can help you organise anything that you would like, just ask!

Emma also offers fabulous FREE printable food flags!

The Vintage Cream

Want to find out more?

If you’re interested in discussing your ideas with Emma, then you can find more information here…

Company Website

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‘Follow’ on Twitter

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  1. I love those heart shaped sandwiches! 🙂 I am looking to get vintage hair and makeup done for my hen do! 🙂 Looks like fun! 🙂

  2. They’re adorable aren’t they? I’m in the middle of planning a hen do for my friend who’s getting married in August – haven’t even thought about mine yet! I do love a good Afternoon Tea though! 🙂

  3. Tina Newman

    Hey congrats Emma on your wedding and your lovely blog site.

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