Introducing – Faye Neo joins Dotty Vintage Weddings

As you might have spotted over the weekend, the Dotty Vintage Blog Team has two fabulous new additions; Faye and Rebecca!

I’m fortunate enough to have met these lovely ladies in my first year of running Dotty Vintage Weddings, and couldn’t have picked better companions to share my bloggy journey with. If you missed it, then please take a look at Rebecca’s Introductory Post, where you can discover lots more about our new Bristol Correspondent.

But tonight, it’s Faye’s turn to tell you all about her fabulous design business, and how she’ll be contributing to the blog moving forward. Sit back, relax and read…

BIG hello from little old me, Faye Neo!

I’m thrilled to be joining the Dotty Vintage team, & to dive face first into the lovely world of vintage bridal yumminess. Laura & I hooked up over Twitter in August 2012. We were both starting our separate ventures & luckily stumbled across one another, realising we both had a lot in common. (Twitter – we salute you!).

As well as meeting Laura, 2012 was such an amazing year for me in many ways.

Firstly, I started the year with a bang. After working in marketing & design for almost 10 years, I threw caution to the wind & quit a good job at a bad company. While this should have been a scary time, I actually found it to be the most liberating experience ever. I was a free agent & the world was my oyster! Besides, I didn’t have time to worry. I had the small matter of our fast approaching wedding to plan! Eccck!

Dean & I got married on the Jubilee weekend, exactly 5 years from our 1st date. It was truly the most amazing day ever.

Faye and Dean's Wedding

Faye and Dean's Wedding

We started planning our DIY wedding 12 months in advance, with the vision that the day would reflect “us”. We’re both ‘indie-kids’ with a love of vintage, so it’s fair to say we bucked a few traditions. Probably the biggest twist was our reception venue. Seeing as there’s ‘no place like home’, we decided our back garden was the perfect setting. It also meant I had a huge marquee to fill, which I excitedly saw as a blank canvas!

Faye and Dean's Wedding

I spent much of my time happily in charity shops searching for crockery, teapots & books. When I wasn’t being a vintage magpie, I was cutting bunting, arranging flowers, designing stationery & perfecting our music playlist. I was so thrilled when Dotty Vintage featured Our Wedding; it was such a fab way to revisit our special day.

After our wedding, it was back to reality in matters concerning ‘work’. I’ve always been creative & felt it was time to start my own venture.

Seeing as vintage style is a huge part of my identity, it felt right to include this in the plan. With that, I started my own independent design company called ‘Curly Chops Design’, specialising in vintage design & wedding stationery.

Curly Chops Design

I literally started my business from scratch, with just my mobile phone in one hand & a bucket load of determination in the other. I’m already blown away with some of the amazing projects I’ve worked on. From vintage logos & business cards to quirky website redesigns;

Curly Chops Design

Curly Chops Design

From bespoke wedding invites to ‘off the peg’ stationery sets;

Love Vintage Wedding Stationery

Love Vintage Wedding Stationery

I’ve loved each project & I am so proud of the design work achieved. Check out my portfolio on

8 months into my new business adventure & here I am, joining the Dotty team!

I have great admiration for Laura, she has created a wonderful blog & it’s amazing to be involved. So, from this day forth, I shall bring to you a weekly dose of eye-candy in the shape of ‘Moodboard Monday’! Think vintage delights & wedding ‘swoon-age’ – the perfect way to start the week!

Faye’s first official post will be on Monday 11th March 2013 – I can’t wait!

L x


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