Dotty Vintage Weddings… We’re expanding!

So here’s some super duper excitingly amazing news to share with you this weekend… Dotty Vintage Weddings has a couple of new additions!

I’m so pleased to welcome Rebecca Hanmer and Faye Neo to the blogging team. Because I’m lucky enough to have not just one, but TWO fabulous ladies coming onboard, I’ll be introducing you to Rebecca this evening, and Faye in a few days time.

Rebecca will be writing for Dotty Vintage Weddings each week, and Faye will be contributing the most fabulous moodboards to inspire you! Their first official posts will debut during the week commencing 11th March 2013, so keep an eye out!

But first, here’s a little bit more about the lovely Rebecca; Bristol Correspondent for Dotty Vintage Weddings!

Dotty Vintage Blogging Team

Hello all, my name is Rebecca, I’m a new addition to the Dotty Vintage team and over the coming weeks and months I hope to give you all some food for thought, inspiration and some loveliness to feast your eyes upon. Laura and I met through Twitter and in the past few months our Twitter lives have become entwined, but more of that later…

But, firstly a bit about me. I live in Bristol and am almost the wrong side of 40! I love all things bright and multi-coloured. I have books floor to ceiling, and nothing beats a big bath, my pyjamas and a glass of red. I’ve been married to my amazing hubby, Richard, for nearly 5 years and we have two totally gorgeous and beautiful children; Ben (3) and Molly (1) who amaze me everyday.

Dotty Vintage Blogging Team

Dotty Vintage Blogging Team

Dotty Vintage Blogging Team

Dotty Vintage Blogging Team

Dealing with these two (three!) monkeys takes up a vast amount of my time but somehow I also manage to be quite good at my full time job as a producer at the BBC. I’ve directed and edit produced such gems as Flog It and Wanted Down Under, to name a couple. So, much of my time is spent writing, which I love, but I have a desire to write about something I am truly passionate about….and that is weddings…

Rich (the hubby) is a wedding photographer (…take a peek, he’s very good!). He has recently bitten-the-bullet and taken on the role full-time. So, we live and breath weddings in my house. From small, intimate, second-time-around dos to all-singing, all-dancing traditional ones; from bunting-fuelled, cider-swilling, hoe-downs to posh, stylish affairs – I have seen and loved them all!

But my favourite wedding of all was my own…the man I love, a barn, some fairy lights, a barbecue, peonies, hearts and polka dots, an Elvis impersonator, an eight piece funk band and the party of a lifetime! What’s not to like? It was utterly amazing and I could talk about it all day…

Dotty Vintage Blogging Team

Dotty Vintage Blogging Team

Dotty Vintage Blogging Team

I absolutely loved organising it. When we started planning all we knew was we both wanted a big party with all our friends and family to share it, which put real pressure on the finances . But, more than anything else, I love a bargain, so the challenge was set! Give me a day of charity shop shopping and a craft project and I’m a happy girl!

So, organising our wedding on a budget was not only a great challenge, but great fun. We designed and made the invites, baked enough biscuit favours to sink a small ship and I even bought my wedding dress from a charity shop. Richard’s tie cost more than my stunning dress!

One of the reasons Richard decided to start the wedding photography business was because we weren’t entirely happy with our own photos. Our incredible day was not captured in the way we had hoped. Rich felt he could offer more. So, our foray into the wedding world began and Twitter became my new best friend. It’s a brilliant place to meet like-minded, friendly, inspirational people. And boy have I done that…wedding planners, cake bakers, florists and of course wedding bloggers.

Laura wrote a lovely blog about Rich and once her partner popped the question, she asked Rich to take her wedding photos. Rich was thrilled and so was I, as in one of her emails to Rich, Laura mentioned needing some more help with her growing blog. So I cheekily asked her if I could help…and the rest is history…

Here’s to a future filled with many lovely blogs!

Rebecca x

Dotty Vintage Blogging Team


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