Wedding Planning Scrapbooking

I had the loveliest chat on the phone last Thursday evening with the wonderful Richard, who runs Ben & Molly Wedding Photography.


Whilst speaking with Richard, he asked whether or not I intended to have a wedding album, or if I’d be doing something a bit more creative with my photographs. It occurred to me at that particular moment that I could utilise my wedding photographs to create a little piece of our history; and when I say ‘Our’, and I mean the history belonging to me and my lovely boy.

I’ve made the decision to start scrapbooking, documenting my wedding planning journey from now until (hopefully, once the date is confirmed!) next September when I tie the knot. There are all sorts of fabulous places online that you help you do this – Pinterest springs to mind as the most obvious. Most of you will have heard of Pinterest, and lots of you must use it, but if you don’t, please read the following disclaimer carefully;


“Pinterest will take up hours of your time. You will get lost in the magical, creative, inspirational hub that is Pinterest. If you have work to do, deadlines to meet, important clients to see; forget it – Pinterest will take priority above all else. You have been warned!”

So, as marvellous as things such as Pinterest are, I want to create a physical, tangible scrapbook – full of inspiration and loveliness. My Pinterest addiction is undoubtedly in full force though, take a look here – Dotty Vintage on Pinterest.

Back in the real world, you can buy some really wonderful scrapbooks, that have already been designed. I found some lovely ones here from ‘Your Unique Scrapbook’ – the first is officially a guestbook, but with blank pages ready for customising!


However, I want to buy a blank canvas and decorate it myself. I’m really excited to get going, from including those pictures taken just minutes after getting engaged, or even going back as far as when we first started seeing other, first holidays, first pets – right through to the day we get married and beyond. This is more than just a wedding planning scrapbook if I’m honest, and I’m hoping it’ll be the start of something really special.


I hope to purchase my book sometime in the next few weeks, and keep you all updated as I start to fill the pages with lots of memories 🙂

L x


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  1. I have already started using pinterest for ideas and someone bought me a blank scrapbook as an engagement present from paperchase, which has been really handy for organising my thoughts! 🙂 Hope you have as much fun with is as I have! 🙂

    • I’m completely addicted to Pinterest – it’s just soooo pretty! I’m hoping to get my book soon and can’t wait to get started with customising it. When are you getting married? xx

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