Featured Supplier – Shropshire Petals

Shropshire Petals produce the most wonderful natural confetti and I was delighted when I caught up with the lovely Emma to find out more…


Home Grown Natural Confetti

Home Grown Natural Confetti

Can you tell me the background of Shropshire Petals? Where and when did the company originate?

Shropshire Petals grow and produce natural petal confetti for weddings and events on their farm in Shropshire. We also use the wheat grown on our farm to produce beautiful wheat sheaves for weddings and decorating the home.

The Shropshire Petals team comprises of Jess – who sorts out all of the lovely orders, Dawn – in charge of the harvest when quality control and student supervision is key, Margaret – finance and accounts, Katie – the creative one writing the blog, the e-News and keeping up with Facebook, Emma – the chatty PR Guru who gets SP on the map, Jim– the Flowers Manager and his parents; Michael and Rose – the original founders.

Originally Shropshire Petals was an arable farm with Daisy, Michael’s mum growing flowers for drying and selling them at the local WI markets as a small sideline. It wasn’t until we were asked if we could dye some of our dried flowers to be used for confetti, that we realised that the delphinium’s we already grew didn’t need dying as they had the perfect natural colours to use as confetti at weddings and in 2005 Shropshire Petals was born!

Churches and venues prefer natural petal confetti to the paper or synthetic types and since we founded, the call for natural petals has increasing tenfold.

*TOP TIP* As Emma points out, some venues have a preference on the type of confetti you use. Natural confetti is generally more accepted, another reason to purchase yours from Shropshire Petals!

Shropshire Petals

Shropshire Petals

Can you explain a little bit about your ethos? Are you sustainable and eco-friendly?

We are a very environmentally conscious company and are proud to say that all of our petals and wheat sheaves are 100% natural, bio-degradable and eco-friendly. All of our petals are hand-picked in the field, hand-packed into store and delicately packaged to send to our lovely customers.

We do not add any dyes to our petals as our natural drying process ensures petals keep their colour beautifully when dried. We love to add a bit of natural country chic to every wedding.

*TOP TIP* Do the environment a favour, and opt for natural confetti. Throwing confetti outside, especially types that are made from that horrid sparkly plastic, will no doubt have a detrimental affect on the natural environment. It’s also a NIGHTMARE for venues to clear up!

I’m only allowed bio-degradable confetti at my venue – can I use yours?

Of course! As all of our petals are natural with no preservatives, colours or dyes added, venues love our petals. Clearing up is not necessary as our petals on the ground are just like blossom falling from a tree.

Confetti Cones

Confetti Cones

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the huge range of petals and can’t make a decision, the website has the most fabulous tool that allows you to virtually hand pick your confetti petals. It creates a visual representation of how your confetti will look when the different colours and petals are combined.


Confetti Cones

Confetti Cones

What are the different options for presenting my chosen confetti?

Beautifully presented confetti adds to the whole romance of the confetti tradition. We are always introducing new packaging options. Currently we have:

*TOP TIP* Assume your guests will be unprepared! Why not opt for the Shropshire Box? Emma says, “It’s our most popular option … a keep-sake box which comes complete with 25 confetti cones and 2 litres of confetti”

The Shropshire Box

The Shropshire Box

Can I request a sample of confetti?

Yes, our samples are free. All customers have to do is click on the link below, fill in their contact details and specify their colour scheme or their chosen confetti mix.


Confetti Pail

Confetti Pail

Shropshire Petals also offer some fabulous additions to their natural confetti. These beautiful dried rose heads will compliment your wedding cake, and they last for up to 4 months; real flowers will start to wilt after just a few hours, particularly in a warm environment.

Dried Rose Heada

Dried Rose Heads

I also love the burgundy rose heads used here, demonstrating how you could utilise the petals as part of your wedding decor.

Freeze Dried Rose Heads

Dried Rose Heads

If you’re searching for an alternative wedding bouquet or table centrepiece, then have you considered using a wheat sheave?

Lavender Wheat Sheave

Lavender Wheat Sheave

Can I find you at any events in 2013?

Yes, we love getting out and about meeting couples and talking about their weddings. We are going to be exhibiting at:

  • 2nd – 3rd February: The Wedding Show – Tatton Park, Cheshire
  • 22nd – 24th February: National Wedding Show – Olympia, London
  • 1st – 3rd March: National Wedding Show – NEC, Birmingham
  • We will also be at the Autumn National Wedding Shows
Shropshire Petals

Shropshire Petals

Exclusive Offer!

Shropshire Petals have kindly offered Dotty Vintage readers a fabulous 10% off their orders! Just use the discount code DOTTY13 at the checkout to claim your discount!

To hear more:

Sign up to the Shropshire Petals newsletter, ‘The Scoop’ where you can keep up to date with all that is going on down on the farm, exclusive special offers and get news about our mixes of the month.

Facebook –www.facebook.com/shropshirepetals

Twitter – @confettipetals

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