Newly Engaged? Me too and I know how you feel!

As many of you lovely readers now know, Dotty Vintage got proposed to over the festive break! (Okay, like you could have missed that news if you’ve been anywhere near my blog, Twitter or Facebook in the last week…)

I was lucky enough to have a whole week and a smidge with my wonderful husband-to-be (that’s really scary!) and his surprise proposal on Christmas morning was the cherry on top of the cake! So, having been engaged now for a little over a week, I though I’d share some initial thoughts on what becoming a fiancé has been like.

Engagement Ring - Pink Sapphire & Diamond

Engagement Ring – Pink Sapphire & Diamond

Dress Shopping & A Sudden Sense of Panic

Now, we’re not anticipating getting married for at least two years, to ensure we have enough time to plan, and save, and plan and save a bit more. And I know that going shopping for my wedding dress is perhaps a tad keen but it had to be done. My lovely friend Kim is getting married in August and being super clever and lucky, she ordered a beautiful dress from Phase Eight that just so happens to fit her like a glove and is utterly perfect! So, we never got to go ‘dress shopping’ when she got engaged, so we made up for it in the week.

Rather than visiting a traditional bridal boutique, we hit the high street. Yes, in January, in the sales – we’re mad, I know. We visited a couple of shops, including Debenhams, Monsoon, Coast and a few others. I already consider myself to be a thrifty bride; we don’t really have a choice in the matter, we’re skint! But even if we had thousands and thousands, I can think of better ways to spend our money. I was pleasantly surprised at what the high street had to offer, including an insanely reduced wedding dress in Monsoon that was down to £70.00. I very nearly bought it just in case!

So I didn’t find ‘the one’, but it gave me a much better perspective on what I want. I’m still considering my options and I’d love to get a bespoke gown made for me – I need to see if our budget can stretch this far. If not, I may opt for high street with some modifications, but I’ll keep you updated.

*Top Tip* If you’re having a ‘I’ve just got engaged and I’m not getting married for ages but I’m completely freaking about the dress’ panic attack, then go and have a look! Try a few gowns on, get the feel of what’s on offer, and it’ll hopefully help to calm your nerves.

In other exciting news, we did however find bridesmaid shoes for Kim’s wedding, that were reduced to just £18.00 in Debenhams. These Jenny Packham beauties are to die for!

Jenny Packham

Jenny Packham

Money Worries

When I first started Dotty Vintage back in July, I wrote a post about Wedding Finances, which is well worth a read. I worked as a wedding co-ordinator for a venue in Plymouth at the time, and I was shocked at the pre-determined ideas that couples coming in for viewings had. The idea that you absolutely have to invite everyone you know, and then give them all champagne, canapés, a three course wedding breakfast, coffee, wine, toast drinks and an evening buffet – no wonder the cost of weddings are spiralling.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not immune to the financial worries that occur when you first become engaged. Within days of saying ‘Yes!’, I was beginning to think about the finances – wondering how much we could save up, longingly looking at dresses that I knew would be out of my budget. But in the society we live in, it seems as though we’re always striving to get ahead, and live beyond our means. I think you have to bring the focus back to the day itself, and what it represents, and that’s what I’ve done over the last week.

I want an informal, intimate day and as long as we get to say ‘We Do!’ – I’ll be happy at the end of it. I don’t need a designer gown and a crippling credit card bill to get there.

*Top Tip* What do you want your wedding day to be about? Make sure you prioritise for you, and not for anyone else.

Should your wedding day be about all this? Image sourced here.

Wedding Day Extravagance

Wedding Day Extravagance

Or this? Image sourced here.

What your Wedding Day should really be about

What your Wedding Day should really be about

The Overwhelming Task of Wedding Planning!

I’m a wedding blogger, planner and former venue co-ordinator. I know what goes into planning a successful wedding day, and even I feel daunted by what’s ahead of me.

It’s completely natural to panic (Do you see a theme developing here?) about planning your wedding; we all want our special day to be absolutely perfect. Depending on when you intend on getting married, it’s a good idea to start formulating a list of things that you’ll need to get sorted. Start with a simple pen and paper, or get techy and download a wedding planning app – whichever suits you best. My friend has her wedding ‘to do’ list on the front page of her tablet so things don’t slip her mind, you can get wedding countdowns, set reminders, and even manage your budget online. Image sourced here.

*Top Tip* When in doubt, make a good old-fashioned list!

When all else fails - make a good old list!

When all else fails – make a good old list!

If you start the planning process early, and set yourself realistic goals, it’ll be a lot easier than leaving everything to the last minute. And don’t forget, if you come across an issue that you just can’t solve, Dotty Vintage might be able to help. Visit our Dilemma Page to find out how you can get free wedding planning advice!

L x


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  1. Very good advice! We are now less than 5 months off, but because we did lots of the big things early on (like booking venues and arranging food) we’re relatively calm and getting to do fun things like buy games from eBay.

    • Yes, we’re hoping to get as much done as possible in advance and then enjoy the run up to our wedding day 🙂 Are you having a particular theme for your wedding? xx

  2. Firstly, Congratulations! Secondly, great advice. We’re looking forward to keeping up with the journey!

  3. Congratulations!!!! I did somehow manage to miss that little snippet of information…but I noticed it just now as I was thinking about the last wedding Fayre! Will look forward to reading all about your plans and are there any plans for another Fayre in the guildhall?

  4. 😀 Yep, a Christmas proposal – very chuffed. I don’t work at Devonport Guildhall anymore my lovely, so I’m not sure what their plans are moving forward. I was the driving force behind the fayres but I hope the new events person continues with them; they work so well at the venue. I’ve moved into a Marketing Position, so doing more blog/media work now 🙂 How are you? xxx


      Really good thanks, we are planning loads of exciting changes too. Sadly (well not that sadly) we are closing the shop although I am still making dresses….will keep be keeping everyone posted once our plans are more final!

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