Happy New Year & A Reflection on 2012

Apologies for the silent treatment on the blog for the past week or so. But Dotty Vintage has taken a well earned break and I’ve enjoyed a week at home with my lovely boy. 

So, my Christmas and New Year has been spent mostly…

Getting Engaged!

This is by far the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me! Karl and I have been together since 2008 and I’ve always known that he’s ‘the one’. I knew that we would head down the marriage route at some point but I won’t lie – his proposal took me off my feet – literally!

We’d agreed to get little things for each other for Christmas this year so I’d got him some lovely squishy socks and gloves for fishing, and a few other nic-nacs – oh, and our new rabbit, Jules! But he was being incredibly secretive, and mysterious things kept arriving in the post. The strangest of which was a huge box, that was feather-light – it baffled me and I couldn’t work out what he could have possibly ordered. Turns out he’d bought me a Santa Sack, and five cubic metres of polystyrene to fill it with!! He got me some perfume, chocolate, make up and underwear – spoilt much? And then, hidden in the very bottom, was a box – THE box!

My Christmas Santa Sack

My Christmas Santa Sack

As I opened the ring box, Karl hopped off the sofa, and popped the question! I said Yes! And then burst into tears after being rugby tackled into a pile of polystyrene! I honestly couldn’t have asked for a more perfect proposal. I was in my PJ’s, at home enjoying Christmas morning, and couldn’t have been more comfortable.

Being a wedding blogger, and having worked in the wedding industry as a co-ordinator, I spend hours of my time admiring beautiful weddings and dresses and décor and tonnes of other loveliness. But I can’t explain how excited I am to start planning my own wedding! It’s going to add a whole new dimension to Dotty Vintage as I now have the true perspective of a bride to be. I’ll be documenting my planning as I go along to keep you in the loop. I’m off to browse in some dress shops tomorrow, and I’m awaiting a reply from a potential wedding venue – what can I say? I’m efficient! 🙂

My Beautiful Engagement Ring

My Beautiful Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring - Pink Sapphire & Diamond

Engagement Ring – Pink Sapphire & Diamond

The Aftermath of my Wedding Proposal!

The Aftermath of my Wedding Proposal!

Making lovely breakfasts every day

Lovely Breakfasts

Lovely Breakfasts

Eating far too much food!

Wonderful Christmas Dinner

Wonderful Christmas Dinner

Spending lots of time with my wonderful Fiancé

And no, calling Karl my Fiancé isn’t getting old!!

My beautiful boy

My beautiful boy

Spending lots of time with my lovely cats and our new bunny rabbit

I think we quite safely say that the cats have embraced the essence of Christmas relaxation.

Chilled Out

Chilled Out

Silly Kitty Cat enjoying Christmas!

Silly Kitty Cat enjoying Christmas!

Jules - Just chillin'

Jules – Just chillin’

Reflecting on 2012, and looking forward to the year ahead

2012 was fabulous.

I started Dotty Vintage in July and have been overwhelmed how quickly it’s developed and grown in such a short space of time. I’ve enjoyed every part of setting up the blog, developing the brand and working with the wonderful Faye to re-develop the appearance and design. Towards the end of the year, I started to reassess my career path. Working as an Event Co-ordinator for a venue was great fun, but I found myself spending more time at work than at home. I found that my blog was turning into a creative outlet and satisfying a lack of expression that my job simply wasn’t offering me.

I was then lucky enough to be offered a position as a Marketing Assistant which I will be starting next week (eeek!). I’m so excited, and this is major change for me, both in job role and sector. I’m moving into the renewable energy market which is something that I strongly support. I can’t wait to meet my new team of colleagues, and get really stuck in on this new challenge.

So 2013 will bring the following…

A New Job!

Living life as a Fiance!

Wedding Planning!

Attending one of my very closest friend’s wedding!

Developing Dotty Vintage and seeing where it goes!

And I’m also determined to get in shape this year. Yes, I know. We all say it. We all say it every year. We all say it every year, and have generally given up by mid-January. But I’m going to give it a damn good go! I’m hoping my new hours of work will help me towards this goal, so I’ll keep you updated with that too!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and a cracking New Years Eve. I wish you all the very best for 2013. Set your goals, but make sure they’re realistic. Enjoy every day as you never what might be around the corner. Spend time with loved ones and tell that person every day that you love them.

L x


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  1. Oh congratulations!!! What a sweet story and beautiful pictures! I am so happy for you both!

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