A Guide to Getting Married at Christmas

With the festive season well and truly upon us, I thought I’d put together a guide to getting married at Christmas.

If you’re lucky enough to have a Christmas engagement this year, then you might look to tie the knot at a similar time in 2013, giving you a reasonable 12 months of planning, and a Christmas to never forget. However, as the voice of reason, here are some considerations to make before you book that all important date.

Will your wedding guests have other priorities at this time of year?

As everyone knows, Christmas and New Year are often a time for visiting friends and family. It is also the season of staff Christmas parties, frantic Christmas shopping, girly get togethers, and generally a period of indulgence. Image sourced here.

Will your guests have pre-existing commitments?

Will your guests have pre-existing commitments?

You need to be realistic when you set your festive date. You’d have to be a magician to pick a wedding date where every single guest is able to attend, but picking a date around Christmas Day itself, you will run the risk of having your nearest and dearest sending back regretful RSVP’s. If you choose to have a Christmas wedding, then brace yourself for the very real possibility that you won’t have the guest list you’d hoped for. On the other hand, if you’ve have a family of Scrooges, then they might welcome the chance to celebrate your wedding instead!

Will you and your guests be able to afford the financial burden of Christmas, alongside your wedding?

The average wedding in the UK now costs anywhere between £18500 – £25000 and with statistics indicating that families sometimes spend up to £700 on Christmas, is this really a feasible time of year to be getting married too? Image sourced here.

Christmas can be stressful for everyone when it comes to finance

Christmas can be stressful for everyone when it comes to finance

Again, this is another moment to really consider your guests. If you’re inviting a family to your wedding, the chances are, they’ll need to spend at least one night in accommodation, travel to the wedding and on the day itself, pay for food/drink/general expenses. If they’ve already spent a few hundred on the tree, turkey and presents, it’s a big ask for anyone to then attend an expensive event like a wedding, and you can probably forget receiving a gift too!

Will getting married at Christmas make travel and accommodation arrangements more difficult?

If you plan to marry locally, then travelling to and from your wedding may not be much of a consideration to make. However, if you are marrying further afield, then bear in mind the costs of travel over the festive period. With regards to accommodation providers, if they offer Christmas break packages, then it’s very likely that they will prioritise this type of booking, as opposed to multiple room only reservations. Try and send your invitations out as soon as you possibly can, to avoid travel/hotel issues occurring near your wedding date.

Can you save money by utilising Christmas decorations for your wedding?

It’s not all doom and gloom of course! Yes, there are more logistical considerations to make around Christmas, but it can also be a magical moment to celebrate your commitment to someone. Having worried about pennies, there are ways you can save money too.

Most venues will be decorated at Christmas, particularly hotels, bars and restaurants. Can you utilise the existing décor to your advantage? This is something to discuss with your venue co-ordinator at the time of booking – let them foot the bill if you can. Image sourced here.

Find out what decorations your venue will already have in for Christmas

Find out what decorations your venue will already have in for Christmas

You might already have an abundance of Christmas decorations lurking in your loft space, so try and use what you already have available. Also, and here’s a clever tip – if you’re planning a Christmas wedding, shop for decorations in the January before! Yes, it’s a minimum of 11 months to your big day, but how often do you see cut-price decorations that the shops are basically throwing at the consumer to get rid of?

Little festive touches to make your wedding day special…

There are so many ways to incorporate the festivities into your special day at Christmas.

It’s always nice to treat your guests – I love these adorable mini Christmas trees, a lovely memento for your guests to take home with them. Image sourced here.

Festive Wedding Favours

Festive Wedding Favours

This festive wedding cake uses traditional colours of red, white and gold, and the baubles and ribbon really set the theme off. Image sourced here.

Christmas Wedding Cake

Christmas Wedding Cake

A personal preference, if you ever invite me to your winter wedding – gingerbread wedding favours! Unlikely to make it through the wedding reception maybe, but a tasty treat all the same. Image sourced here.

Gingerbread Wedding Favours

Gingerbread Wedding Favours

And a Christmas wedding wouldn’t be complete without Christmas Trees – these miniature trees are perfect as a centrepiece, creating a traditional way to incorporate the festive theme. If you have a full size Christmas Tree at your wedding, you could even turn it into an alternative guest book, by asking that your guests bring along a personalised Christmas decoration. Image sourced here.

Mini Christmas Tree Centrepieces

Mini Christmas Tree Centrepieces

Holding your wedding at Christmas isn’t necessarily a recipe for disaster. The key is to consult with friends and family prior to setting your date to ensure maximum attendance, and avoid the festive price hikes by shopping, planning, booking and organising as much as you possibly can in advance.

Did you have a Christmas Wedding? I’d love to feature it on Dotty Vintage! Comment below!

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