Bugsy Malone Bridal Outfit… “Speak Easy!”

A very big thank you to my mystery reader who googled ‘Bugsy Malone Wedding Theme’ – you’ve inspired me!

Bugsy Malone is an iconic film, directed by Alan Parker and was released in 1976. It loosely covers events that took place between 1920-1931, during the Prohibition Era in Chicago. The film focuses heavily on the gangster culture of the period but took a light-hearted approach by involving a cast of child actors.

Despite the serious undertones, Bugsy Malone captured the hearts of a generation and continues to do so today. Based in one of my favourite time periods, where better to source inspiration for your 1920’s wedding outfit? You could opt for Downton glamour and sensibility, but if you’re looking for something a bit edgier, then Bugsy Malone could be perfect for you.

The Dress 

If you’re opting for a Bugsy Malone theme, then take a risk with a flirty flapper wedding dress. This genuine vintage dress is available from Elizabeth Avey and was bought in the Bedell department store in New York in 1925. This is an absolutely beautiful example of a flapper dress, with hand stitched glass beads. Image sourced here.

Vintage Flapper 1920's Wedding Dress

Genuine Flapper Dress from 1925

The Shoes

Rachel Simpson shoes are vintage inspired, stylish, comfortable and fabulous! This style ‘Carmen’ takes inspiration from Art Deco and utilises rose suede and champagne metallic detailing. The shoes are designed in the UK and carefully crafted in Spain. You can be assured of the quality; this particular pair retail for £165.00, available to purchase from Rachel’s website. Image sourced here.

1920's Art Deco Inspired Shoes by Rachel Simpson

1920’s Art Deco Inspired Shoes by Rachel Simpson

The Hair Accessory

Feathers, pearls and extravagant headpieces are synonymous with the 1920’s. This side tiara by Ivory & Co is flexible and can be used as a traditional ‘Alice’ band or wrapped around a bun. The ivory feathers and Austrian crystals will add a subtle but indulgent twist to your vintage bridal outfit. This tiara retails for £105.00 and is available from Queens & Bowl. Image soured here. Original vintage image sourced here.

1920's Inspired Bridal Tiara

1920’s Inspired Bridal Tiara

1920's Flapper Glamour

1920’s Flapper Glamour

The Shrug

If you decide to tie the knot in the winter months, then a fur bolero is a sensible option to keep you warm and cosy, yet remaining in-keeping with your wedding theme. This example is by Sasso and according to the designer, “Sasso has it all, I work to inspire, with individualism, and most importantly a keen eye on fashion”. Image sourced here.

Vintage Inspired Faux Fur Shrug

Vintage Inspired Faux Fur Shrug

The beautiful Jodie Foster in the original Bugsy Malone film, complete with perfect vintage hair. Image sourced here.

Vintage Shrug in the original Bugsy Malone

Vintage Shrug in the original Bugsy Malone

The Hair and Makeup

I found a fabulous hair and make up artist, Bethany Jane Davies, who offers a whole range of era inspired styling.

“This specialist glamour gal is a connoisseur of vintage styling, and loves creating smouldering 1920’s flapper girls, 1930’s Hollywood screen goddesses, 1940’s sweethearts, perfect 1950’s pin-ups and 1960’s sirens to name but a few!”

It would certainly be worth enlisting the help of a specialist when creating your vintage inspired look. The hair and make up you choose will set off your outfit and enhance your overall theme. Image sourced here.

Beautiful 1920's Bridal Hair

Beautiful 1920’s Bridal Hair and Makeup

And finally, don’t forget the boy!

What could be a better accessory than a perfectly styled other half? Think pinstripes, brogues and tweed. Image sourced here.

1920's Inspired Outfit for your Groom

1920’s Inspired Outfit for your Groom

Did you have a 1920’s wedding theme? I’d love to feature your wedding! Comment below…

L x


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