A Personal Post – Random Reflections

A mixed bag this week in Dotty’s World…

That’s also a hint about my new branding which will be launching either later this week or next! – exciting! So first up –

Catching, preparing and cooking your own food is fabulous – and fun! 

The other half was terribly clever at the weekend and after a whole summer of fishing trips, he landed an 8 ½ lb bass! This is good going, especially for shore fishing so he was rather proud of himself, can you tell?

One of the joys of living in Cornwall

But the amazing thing is that this fish went from swimming about in the sea, to this –

Sea Bass Fillets – Ready to cook!

To this!

Oregano & Lemon Baked Sea Bass, Spring Onion Mash, Mange Tout in Creamy Lemon Sauce

The whole process took less than 12 hours; you can’t get much fresher than that! It was a delicious dinner and has reaffirmed how rewarding it is to source your own food. Our present accommodation is a lovely little maisonette but it doesn’t allow for any outside space to grow veggies. So for now, freshly caught fish will have to suffice!

It’s the little things in life that make us happy. 

I love random gestures of kindness, especially when it makes somebody else smile. I regularly leave a Twirl on my colleague’s desk when she isn’t looking, as I know it’s her favourite chocolate. I also love to spoil the other half, and after his haul on Saturday night, I treated him to breakfast in bed. Think tea, orange juice, warm croissants with jam and pain au chocolat! He was most pleased. (And yes, it really is 1.13pm – but he didn’t get home until 6am so he can be forgiven!)

Breakfast in Bed – Is there anything better?

Some things just aren’t meant to be.

I’ve had to pick myself up and brush myself off this week when I was left bitterly disappointed by an outcome I wasn’t necessarily expecting. It’s always hard to stay positive when you feel let down, especially (and I do this frequently) when you build your hopes up so high. But, undeterred, I’m pushing forward with positivity, with the belief that a better opportunity is coming my way. Keep smiling and good things will happen. Image sourced here.

Do things happen for a reason?

Music to my ears – I’m listening again and it’s wonderful.

I’ve always loved listening to music; granted my tastes have changed over the years, but it’s generally been a consistent presence. But since losing my Dad in 2010, music has become a bit of a funny thing in my life. There have been occasions over the past two years when simply listening to a track would have me in floods of tears in ten seconds flat. It could be a memory associated with the song, or a meaningful lyric, but it would completely flaw me. Fortunately, it’s really only ever happened when I’ve been alone on my commute to work in my car and never in public. It was becoming harder and harder to listen to music without feeling distraught – and this would upset me even further.

My Mum moved out of our old family home last weekend and I had to clear out my bedroom (which was still impossibly full of items I clearly hadn’t needed for the past 2 or 3 years!). I had to sort through the files on an old computer and discovered my music collection. There were a couple of tracks that I hadn’t listened to in a long while, including Common People by Pulp, and Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton – both of which have memories associated with my dear old Dad. I’ve now loaded my music onto my phone and have been genuinely enjoying the listening experience again. Image soured here.

Music to my Ears indeed.

Do you have any thoughts for the past week? Come to any life changing decisions or ground breaking revelations? Share below 🙂

L x


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