A Personal Post – Random Reflections

I sometimes look at my blog like a diary. It’s my creative outlet, it knows all my secrets, it listens, absorbs and never judges. So here’s a new weekly feature that I’ve decided to introduce – Random Reflections.

So here’s some of the silly things that I’ve noticed, decided, appreciated or thought throughout the last seven days, in the hope that it’ll give you a better insight into the Laura behind Dotty Vintage Weddings.

  • Bottling things up (oh the cliché!) This is never, ever possibly a good thing, despite how much you might think it. I am very fortunate to have a supportive other half who listens when I decide to have a monumental meltdown at 2am on a weekday just before going to sleep. Oh, and a good cry and a cuddle fixes everything too.
  • I have absolutely no intention of leaving Cornwall. Ever.
Beautiful Looe - My Lovely Home

Beautiful Looe – My Lovely Home

  • Appreciation of the work-life balance. This is not a new moment of enlightenment that suddenly hit me, but the past few weeks (this week in particular) have made me reconsider how important it is to me to ensure this remains at a steady and manageable level. You need to be content at work to be content at home I think.
  • The pride that comes from working for yourself. I work full time as an Events Co-ordinator at the moment but Dotty Vintage Weddings was born out of a passion for vintage, weddings and creative writing. It started on a complete whim one Sunday evening in July. Three 1/2 months later, I’ve had over 12,000 views, regular and growing follower numbers and a wonderful amount of positive feedback. I’m now in the midst of a blog makeover, working with the wonderful Faye, and I’m really investing time, effort and money to make this blog a real success. I wasn’t anticipating the feeling of pure pride that comes from someone complimenting you, not even necessarily your work, but you as a person. It’s really quite lovely and I can’t think of anything more motivational.
  • When smuggling alcohol into somewhere, you will always act like a teenager, no matter how old you are. We had a wedding at my venue last weekend and I stumbled across a lady, who must have been at least 60, drinking straight out of a bottle of Bacardi… Classy! I confronted said lady and asked her to stop drinking it, and she placed it under her table. I went to double check whether or not I could confiscate it, returned to do so, and suddenly the magical bottle of Bacardi had vanished into thin air. She then tried to convince me that her friend has just left (in the last 30 seconds) with the bottle – convenient! I had to stand there, arms crossed, for at least 2-3 minutes before she confessed where the bottle was hidden. Madness!
  • Sometimes fabulous things pop up when you least expect them. I shan’t give too much away for the time being, and I’m also attempting to not get my hopes up. But positive thoughts are all you need sometimes and I think I might be on the brink of an exciting new chapter.
  • Tea solves all problems too, along with a good cry and a cuddle! And at the risk of sounding like the crazy cat lady… My lovely cats are also fabulous little critters who cheer me up every day.
Silly Flo cheering me up in the mornings :-)

Silly Flo cheering me up in the mornings 🙂

What a load of a rambly rambles but that’s a little snippet of me and my world this week. More next time 🙂

L x


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