Vintage Attire for your Groom

All too often, the groom and his party can be forgotten during the planning process of a wedding. If you’re organising a vintage themed wedding, then your husband to be will need to suit the theme too, so here’s some inspiration to get you started. 

Tweed Waistcoat & The Trilby

I love the combination of the Tweed/Trilby in the image below, and the rolled up sleeves give a cheeky look to the groom’s outfit. This would be perfect for a country house wedding. Image sourced here.

Beautiful Vintage Outfit for your Groom

Beautiful Vintage Outfit for your Groom

Tweed has come in and out of fashion over the years and was traditionally popular in the construction of shooting and hunting jackets; it has always been associated with the elite of the Edwardian era. The popularity of tweed declined post-war but it had a revival in the 1960’s via the mod culture. In recent years, tweed has once again infiltrated the fashion industry, particularly during the Autumn/Winter Seasons and with shows such as Downton Abbey so popular, it’s hardly surprising. Image sourced here.

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey

Glamorous Velvet

The beautiful bride looks like a snapshot of the 1920’s and the lovely chap in the image below was styled and dressed by Tweedman’s Vintage. The plum smoking jacket oozes elegance, and I love the combination of the vintage hankie, bow tie and striped shirt. This fabulous couple would fit right in for a chic city wedding. Image sourced here.

Velvet Suit for a glamorous Hollywood Look

Velvet Suit for a glamorous Hollywood Look

This shoot demonstrates how different eras can be combined to create a cohesive look. Velvet suits were popular in the 1960’s & 1970’s but again, it is one of those fabrics that reappears in quirky and reworked ways every Winter. Image sourced here.

Velvet Suits - 1960's & 1970's Fashion

Velvet Suits – 1960’s & 1970’s Fashion

Bow Ties & Suspenders

I think the boys in the image below are secretly quite enjoying posing for pictures! They look very geek chic with their suspenders and it’s a light-hearted way to embrace the vintage trend. The groom wears a vest to differentiate his look from the others and they have fabulous shoes too; the mismatched shirts bow ties keep things casual. I’m a strong advocate of mismatched everything – check out the post on bridesmaid dresses too. Image sourced here.

Dickie Bows & Suspenders - Classic Countryside Vintage

Dickie Bows & Suspenders – Classic Countryside Vintage

If you’re looking for fabulous bow ties, the London-based company Rokit might be a good place to start looking. Mismatched bow ties give everyone a little of individuality for the big day. The image below (sourced here) shows just a selection of the ties available to purchase.

Vintage Bow Ties by Rokit

Vintage Bow Ties by Rokit

Top Hat & Tails

The FABULOUS wedding below has the groom dressed in the traditional top hat and tails combination. It’s a very formal option but it could suit your vision perfectly depending on what you have in mind. Much like the velvet, I can visualise this type of attire for a more urban based wedding but that is of course by no means limiting, it’s just down to personal preference. Image sourced here and courtesy of Tomasz Slota Photography

Top Hat & Tails

Top Hat & Tails

I found this beautiful vintage wedding image here, and just couldn’t resist including it to inspire you.

Vintage Top Hat & Tails

Vintage Top Hat & Tails

If you had a vintage wedding, what did your groom wear? I’d love to see your snaps.

L x


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