SOS For a Military Bride

I’m hoping this story is going to have a happy ending, but consider this a plea to the wedding industry – a bride to be needs your help.

Rachel & Paul are due to wed on November 3rd 2012. Rachel’s Mum was very unwell at the start of the year and has been battling cancer; fortunately she is now doing much better. So despite a year of turmoil, plans for the big day were going without a hitch.

Until disaster struck the family once again – the home of Rachel’s Mum & Dad has been ruined by a house fire. Thankfully, nobody was injured but as if this isn’t traumaticising enough, a lot of items for the wedding day were being stored in the house, and have been destroyed/damage beyond repair.

Joanna, a friend of Rachel’s, contacted Military Wedding Discounts, a website dedicated to supporting couples working in the forces, to see if they could help.

The following items have been destroyed –

♥ Bride’s Tiara

♥ Bride’s Veil

♥ Bride’s Shoes

♥ White Fur Shrugs for the Four Bridesmaids

♥ Mother of the Bride Outfit

♥ Father of the Bride Outfit

♥ Artificial Flowers and Clips for Bride and Bridesmaids Hair

♥ Place Cards for the Reception Tables

♥ Wedding Favours

♥ Centre Pieces for the tables (Mirrors, Glass Bowls & Candles)

♥ Some of the Gifts for the Bridesmaids, Best Man & Swordsmen

♥ The Jewellery for the Bride & Bridesmaids is currently missing but we think it may be in a metal box so therefore safe but buried in the rubble

♥ The bottles of  Champagne that we have been collecting for the last 6 months every time we get some spare cash have exploded.

With the big day just weeks away, I want this message to network through the wedding industry.

If you know of any wedding suppliers that might be able to help, please send them a link to this post, or to here – where the original post is. If you can offer replacements for a discounted price, know where certain items could be sourced, or can even offer your time, then please get in touch.

Please email to offer your support.

Thank you,

L x


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