Old, New, Borrowed, Blue…

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…

And a silver sixpence in her shoe. That’s the lesser known line of the traditional wedding saying, and hints at the origin of the phrase.

‘Something Old’ – This is traditionally a token from the bride’s family and heritage. It should be a symbolic link to the past.

‘Something New’ – This should be a new purchase, and symbolizes the future. It should be indicative of optimism and hope.

‘Something Borrowed’ – This trinket or token is meant to be lent from a happily married couple, preferably a friend or family member.

‘Something Blue’ – The colour blue has always been associated with marriage, love and fidelity.

‘A Silver Sixpence in her Shoe’ – This tradition is thought to stem from the Victorian Era and is meant to bring good fortune and wealth in a new marriage (something we could all do with!)

Here are some ways to implement this traditional proverb.

‘Something Old’ – I really like the idea of interpreting the family and heritage element into your wedding day, after all, a wedding is union of families coming together. An old family photograph could be incorporated somehow, maybe even an old wedding photograph? Vintage Rose offer these beautiful bouquet charms for just £12.00, available on Etsy. A perfect way to include a secret piece of sentiment that only you need know about. It also makes it possible to take a loved one down the aisle with you, even if they can’t be there in person. Image sourced here.

Brooch for your Bouquet by Vintage Rose

Brooch for your Bouquet by Vintage Rose

‘Something New’ – You could interpret the ‘new’ element in many ways, and of course, much of what you experience and purchase for your wedding day will by default be new. But it might be nice to pick something special that is representative of the future. If you have a charm bracelet, why not buy a special new charm that symbolises your wedding and new life together with your partner? Pick a horseshoe for lots of marital good luck. This one is by Thomas Sabo at Fraser Hart and retails for £49-95, image and product available here.

Horseshoe Silver Charm Wedding

Thomas Sabo Silver Horseshoe Charm at Fraser Hart

‘Something Borrowed’ – Why don’t you ask your mum, or another female relative if you can borrow their wedding veil for your special day? This beautiful 1930’s vintage veil is from Abigail’s Vintage Bridal – it’s a lovely example of a full length tulle veil with an ornate hairclip. You might be surprised what might be lurking in your loft or cupboards if you just ask. One of my brides to be for next year is borrowing her veil from a close family friend, it suits her new dress perfectly. Image sourced here.

Vintage 1930's Tulle Veil

Vintage 1930’s Tulle Veil

‘Something Blue’ – There are so many ways of incorporating of blue into your wedding day but why not go for a classic? This ‘Emily May’ garter by Mabelicious Bridal is so beautiful – it’s handmade with cotton lace, silk and voile rosebuds. It’s available to purchase at Not on the Hight Street for £37-50 (image sourced here too).

Vintage Bk

‘Emily May’ Garter by Mabelicious Bridal

How did you incorporate something old, new, borrowed and blue into your wedding day?

L x


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