Bride to Be? Some Things to Remember…

Wedding season at my venue this year brought some laughter, some tears and some all out awkward moments.

Here’s some top tips for you to remember when you’re planning your special day, and on the day itself.

During the planning stages…

  • When you’re doing your table plan, you probably won’t make many mistakes. After all, you’re sat looking at where all your nearest and dearest will sit, you’ll hopefully realise if someone is missing! However, when you give your final head count to your caterers, do remember to include yourself and your hubby to be! *This happened* Luckily, the caterers had extra crockery, cutlery and glassware… and food of course!

Venue – Devonport Guildhall – Styling by Faithful Designs

  • Make sure you count how many dinner tables, and extra tables you have in your floor plan. *This happened* A bride to be told her venue stylist that she had 10 round tables, and would therefore require 10 centrepieces. She did in fact have 11. This resulted in said venue stylist travelling around for two hours trying to find an extra centrepiece, the glasses for which she’d actually had to order in from a wholesaler in Manchester! Luckily, she found a replacement and this happened the day before the wedding, so there was time to fix it! Image sourced here.

Extravagant Centrepieces are great – but sourcing them the day before the wedding – not so great.

  • Don’t take wedding planning too seriously! Or too lightly… This is a difficult one. We’ve had the full spectrum of bride to be this year, some who seemingly didn’t care too much about their wedding, and then panicked right at the last minute. To those who stressed themselves out the entire way through the planning process, right up until the very end when they lost momentum and ended up making mistakes. *This Happened* Having experienced this first hand as a venue coordinator, try to fit yourself somewhere in the middle. Of course, be thorough so things get done, or enlist the help of a wedding planner so the pressure is on someone else, but don’t make yourself unwell planning what should be the happiest day of your life. Image sourced here.
Stressed out bride to be

If you stress yourself out before your wedding day, you’ll end make yourself poorly

On the day itself…

  • Don’t drink too much, too early. And don’t give your guests too much to drink either, or you will end up with a drunken mess by the middle of the meal. *This happened* During a few of the weddings this year, guests have been plied by an unreal amount of alcohol. With guests consuming 2-3 glasses of sparkle on arrival, up to and sometimes more than a bottle of wine with dinner, plus toasts and general consumption at the bar, it’s little wonder that fights break out, and people get upset on an emotionally charged day. We even had a wedding where there was a bottle of port placed on every table, and none was left by the end of the night. Do you really want to wake up as husband & wife feeling hungover and distraught about the events of the night before? Drink in moderation – trust me, it’s boring but sensible advice. Image sourced here.
Don't be that drunken bride...

Don’t be that drunken bride…

  • Try not to run too far behind schedule, if you can help it. *This happened* Delays happen at weddings, people run late, get lost, and it can’t always be helped. But be prepared to make up time elsewhere if you’re asked to. Depending on the nature of your wedding menu, delays of an hour might not make a huge difference, or it could spell absolute disaster and your food could end up ruined. It can also make things difficult for your venue, as they may have staffing planned around your schedule. If you’re running very late, before you get to your venue, try to call ahead to let them know what’s happening, rather than just turning up and expecting things to flow as planned. Image sourced here.
Consider the implications of running late - it will affect how your day will run

Consider the implications of running late – it will affect how your day will run

  • Let the venue staff do their jobs, and don’t try to jump in to help! *This happened* During the evening changeover at a recent wedding, we asked guests to vacate the main function room so we could remove some of the tables and create a dancefloor. However, wanting to be most helpful, several wedding guests attempted to move a table without thinking, pushed it, and the entire table collapsed. This resulted in between 4-6 bottles of wine, a bottle of port, glassware for 10 guests plus the centrepiece landing on the floor and smashing everywhere. Some guests got covered in wine too, and it took us nearly 20 minutes to clear the area and remove all traces of broken glass. Image sourced here.
Broken glasses will lead to tears...

Broken glasses will lead to tears…

How did things run at your wedding? Any advice you’d like to share with other brides to be? Leave a comment below…

L x


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