Wedding Day Disasters – and how to fix them…

It takes hours to plan a wedding.

Even if you have the most straightforward day with nothing too extravagant, you’ll have still invested time and money to make sure it runs the way you want it to. But you can’t always plan for the unexpected, freak accidents that happen in slow motion and leave you in tears. But I’ve put together a list of the things that are most likely to go wrong on your wedding day, and how you can resolve them in an instant.

You break a nail, ladder your tights, get a headache, cut your hand… ­čśŽ

Okay, so that’s more than one problem I know but I strongly recommend putting together a ‘Wedding Day Survival Kit’. Compile the following into a little carry case and keep it somewhere handy throughout the day – nail file, spare tights, tweezers, straws, tissues, plasters, paracetamol, hairspray, comb, bobby pins, spare makeup, ‘Party Feet’ or equivalent, spare nail polish, chalk/talcum powder (I’ll explain in the next point), deodorant, perfume, baby wipes, safety pins, mints, floss, mini sewing kit, nail scissors, mirror, superglue – it sounds like a lot and that isn’t an exhaustive list but it does mean that most little dilemmas can be solved instantly. Image sourced here.

Wedding Day Survival Kit

Wedding Day Survival Kit

You get a stain on your beautiful white wedding dress ­čśŽ

Arguably one of the most traumatising things that can happen to an already emotional bride, but this is really quite common. Don’t panic – whether it be red wine, food, or just dirt, here are some tips to help you out.

If your dress is polyester, it will be more tolerant and durable than a fabric such as silk or satin. And the worst thing you can do to any stain is to frantically try to rub it off the fabric. You will just rub the stain in, making it harder to remove and you could even risk tearing or stretching the dress if it is fragile. Make sure that you have either talcum powder or chalk on hand – although they won’t help to get a stain out, they can cover and dry out most marks.

*Top Tip* It’s your wedding day, therefore you will┬ácatastrophize and everything will seem worse than it actually is. Ask your bridesmaids for their honest opinion – will anyone actually notice the tiny mark? Try to think rationally – you can get your dress professionally dry cleaned after the wedding, and if you’ve already had your wedding photos taken, do you really need to agonise and attempt to clean the stain out, and risk making it worse? Image sourced here.

How to fix a stain on your wedding dress

Disasters can happen…

One of your suppliers pulls out at the last minute ­čśŽ

It’s a horrible thought, but cowboy suppliers are out there. As you work through the wedding planning process, alarm bells will generally start to ring if a supplier acts suspiciously – if they take too long to deal with enquiries, or even ignore your phone calls/emails, offer an inferior product or seem generally clueless, then you should walk away immediately. But if they’ve seemed genuine all the way through and abandon you just before your wedding, all is not necessarily lost. None of these solutions are ideal, but they can help you in a tight spot. Image sourced here.

Wedding Day Disasters

Even if everything seems hopeless, there’s always a solution to the problem.

  • Your photographer doesn’t turn up – Ask around your wedding guests to see if anyone has any photography experience, you may be able to salvage some traditional shots this way. Encourage everyone to take plenty of photos during the day, and buy lots of disposable cameras to jot around the venue. You could also arrange a shoot after your wedding day with you and your new husband, and a reliable photographer.
  • Your florist cancels on you – Visit another florist and plead! If it’s too late to do this, even purchasing flowers from a local shop or supermarket will be better than no flowers at all. And if you’re fortunate enough to have a lovely garden full of flowers, all you need is a pair of scissors and some ribbon and you could rustle up a few handmade bouquets in no time at all.
  • Your cake doesn’t get delivered – If you live near to a local cake shop, cupcakes are probably your best solution on the day of your wedding. Cake is cake. Or try a local supermarket as a last resort. You might have spent months┬ámeticulously┬áplanning your wedding cake but as long as you have something to enjoy on the day, they all get cut up into pieces in the end.
  • Your wedding cars don’t show up – Order a taxi! It’s not glamorous, but it’ll get you from A to B. And B will generally be your ceremony location, which is all that really matters at the end of the day.
  • Your wedding caterers don’t turn up – Providing you have a reliable and well organised venue, you would know very early in the day if your caterers are a no show. This is extremely unlikely to happen but in the event that it does, your venue should probably be your first port of call. Depending on the nature of the venue, they might be able to offer you some emergency catering. And failing that, get creative – think takeaway, disposable BBQ’s, paper plates. You could even raid the deli and salad bar at your nearest supermarket. Like cake is cake, food is food, and as long as your guests get something, it doesn’t really matter what it is!

It’s like raaaaain, on your wedding day… ­čśŽ

If you’ve planned an outdoor wedding in a marquee, then I’m not going to lie to you, rain will not be ideal. But unless it’s a truly torrential downpour that lasts all day, your marquee should be able to withstand some bad weather. And ultimately, unless it leaks, you should still be warm and dry. Obviously check the forecast in the lead up to your wedding, and if rain is looking likely, make sure you have lots of brollies on standby and try here for some super cute welly boots. Plus, just because it’s raining, it doesn’t mean you won’t achieve magical wedding photographs. Just look at the image below, it’s beautiful. Image sourced here.

Rain on your Wedding Day

Don’t let the weather rain on your parade!

Did you encounter any issues on your wedding day? Is there something I haven’t covered that as a bride to be, you’re worrying about?

Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

L x


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