Activities for Little Ones at Weddings

I am a very proud Aunty to two beautiful girlies – Jemima & Matilda.

Thinking towards the future when the other half and I tie the knot, I will definitely want them to be a part of our wedding day. I understand that some people enforce a ‘no children’ rule at their weddings – I guess this works for them but not for me.

But little people get bored very quickly, that’s a fact. Let’s face it – adult guests start to flag after a while, so you need to make sure that any children attending enjoy the day too. Here are some ideas to entertain them…

Crafty Workshops

First of all, I really wanted to feature the Crafty Party Company. Run by the lovely Katie, The Crafty Party Co offer workshops at weddings for children between the ages of 2-16. With a whole of workshops to choose from, including arts and craft to ceramic painting, there’s something to suit all tastes and age ranges. This takes the pressure away from you having to find something to entertain the children with, they can participate in a workshop and have something lovely to take away at the end too. It’s also a nice way for children to socialise and make some new friends. Prices start from £250.00 and include expert tuition and materials. More information can be found here on Katie’s website. Image sourced here too.

Craft Workshop for Children

Children’s Wedding Craft Workshop

Treasure Hunt

It would be lovely if you organise a treasure hunt for your younger guests. This is something you could ask your venue coordinator to help you do, as they should be familiar with the venue/grounds and able to advise you whether or not this would be suitable on the day.

*Top Tip* Do bear in mind your venue before planning a treasure hunt – an exclusive use venue, and somewhere in a safe, possibly rural location would be better than somewhere where there are likely to be lots of strangers/traffic around.

You could visit some local charity shops in the lead up to your wedding day, and have a look for some pirate fancy dress items; most children love to dress up! In terms of prizes, you don’t have to splurge and spend a fortune, some little presents and sweets will be quite sufficient.

This is also an idea that doesn’t have to take place at just one location – if your ceremony and reception are at different venues, spread this activity throughout the day. You will probably need to assign a member of the family to look after the treasure hunt in case the children can’t find a particular item, and to keep an eye on their safety. Image sourced here.

Treasure Hunt for Children

Children’s Treasure Hunt

Toy Room with a Vintage Twist

If you have space at your venue, it would be good to assign a room for the children to play in freely. You could include some fun vintage toys like the ones shown below.

Children's Toys for Weddings

Vintage & Retro Toy Ideas

Left to right – Skipping Rope, Yo-Yo, Spinning Top, ScrabbleDolls-house, Giant Jenga

*Top Tip* Ask your venue if there is an extra room available for the playroom, but remember that there will almost certainly be an extra cost attached to this. You might be able to incorporate a play area into the main function space/bar area if the extra hire is overpriced.

Personalised Activity Box

I found this adorable personalised activity box from YoYo-Me – who sell their products here on Not On The High Street. You could probably put this together for a let less, the boxes are £22.50 each. But they are clearly very high quality, and you can personalise lots of little bits to make your young guest feel very special indeed. Images sourced here.

Wedding Craft Box for Children

Wedding Craft Box for Children

There are two different age ranges that you can buy for –

Box for ages 3-6 contains: A5 wedding alphabet doodle pad, pack of 8 crayola wax crayons, mini yoyo, mini bubbles, disposable camera, a list of things to photograph, a table place mat, a wedding colour-me-in card and 2 sheets of alphabet wedding stickers.

Box for ages 6-9 contains: A5 wedding alphabet doodle pad, pack of 8 crayola wax crayons, mini yoyo, mini bubbles, disposable camera, a list of things to photograph, a table place mat, a wedding colour-me-in card, a wedding word search and an animal eraser.

I think my favourite feature included is the disposable camera & a list of things to take pictures of. You’ll probably end up with a lot of blurry, abstract but hilarious images to remember your special day.

Age 6-9 Wedding Craft Box from YoYo-Me

Age 6-9 Wedding Craft Box from YoYo-Me

Children at your Wedding – Checklist to Remember

  • Is your venue child-friendly? – This is something to find out before you book, you should get an immediate vibe from the coordinator. If they clearly aren’t that accommodating, and you are expecting lots of children in attendance, it might be best to look elsewhere.
  • Children in your Ceremony? – If you have close family with very young children, then the chances are, they will of course be attending the ceremony. Children do cry, especially in unfamiliar situations, so you need to accept the fact that they might disturb the service.
  • Does your venue have highchairs? – Find out from your venue if they have enough highchairs available if you’re having a sit down meal. If they don’t, your caterers might be able to provide them.
  • Will you need a babysitter? – Unless one of your guests is a saint and volunteers to be responsible for childcare, it might be worth hiring a babysitter to keep an eye on the little ones.
  • New babies/very young children? – Will they need to nap during the day? Is there something they can do this peacefully? Are there baby-changing facilities available?
  • Dangers at Weddings? – I’m not saying you should obsess over this, but just remember that are lots of potential hazards at weddings. Caterers will be carrying around hot plates of food, and possibly tea/coffee. If your venue has exterior lighting, be careful that young children are not left unsupervised around hot spotlights. Remember roads and traffic in carparks. If your venue isn’t exclusive to you and your guests, don’t allow children to disappear into other areas of the venue alone.
  • Can you entertain them all day? – ^^Look Up!^^ That should be all of the inspiration you’ll need 😉

L x


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