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I have had a fairly manic few weeks: I have spend hours sat with a craft knife cutting the elements for the wedding invites (each invite has 9 sheets or squares) and my wedding fund has been depleted as I decided to buy all things I’ve had in ‘wish lists’ for months, including the last accessories for my outfit. I have started compiling bits for my ‘Team Bride’.  I have also made our cake toppers out of Fimo clay.

Cute Animal Wedding Cake Toppers

Fimo Clay Penguin Cake Toppers

** ^^ Quick message from Laura @ DVW – The cake toppers are ADORABLE! ^^ **

There are two things that I love and they are both very bad for me, the first is Diet Coke and the other is sweet foods. Whether it’s candy, cake (especially cream cakes) or chocolate – I love it!!! So when it came to my wedding two things would be compulsory; we had to have cake and a sweetie table!

I have had to justify my desire for a cake to Ed, he simply doesn’t see the point! Who doesn’t see the point in a cake at a wedding? I mean honestly, it is a celebration and in my family (and in British tradition) we celebrate with cake. Part of the problem is that Ed doesn’t really like cake (shocking, I know), and he’s not keen on the whole cutting ceremony. Therefore the cake decision is in my hands – and there are plenty to choose from.

Every once in a while a girl falls in love with a cake; my most recent lust was a banana cupcake created by my wonderful cousin Vicky at Cornish Fancies, she had brought them as a treat before my sister’s wedding – if you live nearby I suggest you have a look at their site because they make some beautiful things. I love a good cupcake, and I understand why brides choose tiers of them in place of ‘traditional’ round cakes, I also can see the appeal of a dessert table full of lots of yummy treats to tempt all guests. However, I struggled to envision cupcakes fitting with my rustic winter woodland theme and with a sweetie buffet and not wanting to make a big deal during the evening (when we will serve cake as desert), I want to stick to some form of ‘traditional’ round cake.

Different Styles of Wedding Cake

Beautiful Wedding Cake Ideas

Cake trends that I like: (left to right) Duke & Duchess of Cambridge’s Eight Tiered Wedding Cake, Rustic Chocolate & Walnut Cake, Stunning Choccywoccydoodah Pastel Afternoon Tea Cake, Candy Infused Naked Cake, Pretty Floral Cupcakes and a Yummy Dessert Table, both by the wonderful Cornish Fancies and finally a plate of Scummy Cream Cakes.

I really want to have 3 different flavoured ‘tiers’ of cake; the fruitcake will be a family recipe and my mum will be making it, I am making a carrot cake and a friend is baking a third, hopefully chocolate, layer. I also know I don’t want a stacked cake, I am hoping to have 3 equal sized cakes displayed at different heights. All will be simply decorated, possibly with just a flower on top.

How to display your wedding cake

Different Ways to Display your Wedding Cake

There are lots of different ways to display your wedding cake – Plastic 3 Position Stand, Vintage Tower Stand, Wooden Blocks, Metal Positioned Stand, Tree Trunks

I love sweets, and while I do find sweetie tables/candy bars over done, when it came to my wedding it was one element I did want to include. At my parents house is a large collection of glass jars, vases and bowls, ready to hold the sugary treats.

To stop myself getting too carried away I decided that I would narrow the type of sweets I would serve; there were two groups that I drew up provisional lists for:

Sweets to have at your wedding

Tuck Shop Wedding Sweet Ideas

Tuck Shop Classics – the childhood favourites and penny sweets: (clockwise from top left) Fizzy Cola Bottles, Refreshers, Flying Saucers, Gummy Rings, Smarties, Love Hearts, Fried Eggs and Foam Shrimps & Bananas

Wedding Sweetie Bar Inspiration

Old Fashioned Sweets for a Wedding Sweetie Bar

Old Fashioned Treats – think boiled sweets in big jars: (clockwise from top left) Jelly Babies, Pear Drops, Liquorish Allsorts, Lollipops, Rhubarb & Custards, Aniseed Balls, Mint Humbugs and Chocolate Mice.

While there are some things that could appear in both I have a tricky decision to make, either way there will be a massive bowl of Fruit Salads and Blackjacks.

Huge thanks to Kate for a fab post.

Look forward to next time,

L x


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  1. Lizzy

    Great post Kate! Your wedding is going to look amazing 🙂 xx

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