Colours Collection – Purple

Today’s post from the Colours Collection focuses on the versatile shade of Purple.

Purple has a huge colour spectrum associated with it; from deep shades including plum, to brighter, pinker variations such as magenta and fuchsia. It can be a beautiful addition to a pre-existing colour scheme, but it’s also strong enough to stand alone. Depending on the chosen shade, purple can evoke a dignified, royal feel, maybe romance and passion, or lighter shades such as lavender can be very in-keeping with vintage colour palettes. Image sourced here.

Purple Shades

84 Shades of Purple!

Colour undoubtedly plays a key part in the design of wedding stationery, which is normally a sneak peek into the day ahead of your wedding. The use of dark purple on the invitations below create a regal, sophisticated look, particularly combined with the calligraphy style font. Image sourced here.

Vintage Floral Wedding Invitation

Floral Wedding Stationery with Purple

You can see from the different example below how a lighter, more ‘girly’ shade of purple (more of a lilac) creates a completely different feel to the design, even though both invitations use floral features. Image sourced here.

Wedding Invitations

Lilac Wedding Invitations

A purple wedding dress is a very bold choice and I’d highly recommend sticking to lighter shades of purple, such as lavender or lilac. A fabulous designer who seems to have the art of colourful wedding dresses perfected is Milan based Luisa Beccaria  This beautiful example is very romantic, soft and dreamy but you’d still have to be a brave bride (in my opinion!) to dare to wear a completely purple gown on your big day. Image sourced here. More information on the designer can be found here.

Lilac Romantic Wedding Dress

Luisa Beccaria Wedding Dress in Lilac

I’m clearly a wimp and will probably be sticking to a traditional shade when I get married, but that’s not to say I wouldn’t be a bit more adventurous when it comes to accessorising. Yet again, I couldn’t resist including some Irregular Choice shoes and these ones might be my favourite yet.

Featuring a 60’s style bow and paisley print (very vintage!), these lace up boots are adorable and would be a quirky choice for a quirky bride to be. Image sourced here on company website.

Alternative Purple Wedding Shoes

Irregular Choice – ‘Abigail’s Party’

Another way to incorporate purple in your wedding is via your wedding flowers. The two designs below are from the beautifully talented Sharon Mesher, who is based in Plymouth, Devon. Sharon has a real eye for vintage inspired floral displays. The first image of a table centrepiece utilises deeper shades of purple, combined with the dark green foliage and candelabra. This is a bold, striking look and works perfectly in a brightly lit, neutral space. The bouquet is quite the opposite, with a more gentle rustic feel, hand tied with burlap. It just shows that a change of shade can made the world of difference; images sourced here on company website.

Purple Table Centrepiece

Table Centrepiece by Sharon Mesher

Vintage Lilac Bouquet

Beautiful Vintage Inspired Bouquet by Sharon Mesher

Finally, my last bit of indigo inspiration for you! I stumbled across this cake designer today via the most wonderful collaborative photograph on Facebook between In The Treehouse, and Maisie Fantaisie….

Oh sod it, it’s not strictly purple, but here’s the snap as a special treat anyway…. Image sourced on Maisie Fantaisie Facebook Page.

Vintage Wedding Cake

Beautiful Cake by Maisie Fantaisie, inspired by In The Treehouse stationery

Isn’t that the most fantastic piece of work that you’ve seen for a while?! So I went snooping on the Maisie Fantaisie website and found this beautiful cake from a previous collection. This two tier butterfly cake shows little flashes of purple, combined with white, and is simply stunning. Image sourced here on company website.

Purple Wedding Cake

Silk Butterfly Wedding Cake by Maisie Fantasie

Maisie Fantaisie cakes come in a whole range of cake flavours (Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Mayer Lemon Zest, Espresso Coffee, Chocolate Fudge, Orange Zest, Fruit Cake, Coconut, Banana and Carrot!), with heaps of preserves and curds available (Morello Cherry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Apricot, Rose Petal Jelly, Violet Jelly and Lemon Curd!) and more buttercream icing fillings that you could choose from (Chocolate and Orange Zest, White Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Ganache, Espresso Coffee, Orange Zest, Vanilla Bean, Coconut, Caramel and Almond!)… The possibilities are endless!!

That’s all folks! I’d love to hear your thoughts – how are you incorporating purple into you big day? Leave me a comment below 🙂

L x


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