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Vintage Hair and Make Up Top Tips

A wedding day is not the best time to be experimenting. I work with brides who have chosen a vintage decade but I help them incorperate this look into their own style and personality. After all you want to look amazing on your wedding day but you also want to look like you!

Vintage Hair and Make Up

Vintage Styling for your Wedding Day by Lipstick & Curls

On your wedding day you will need a lip product that is going to stay, most companies now have a ‘stay fast’ lippy that is designed not to come off for several hours, and some of them are very good. My advice is to make use of the ‘try before you buy’ invitation from most make up companies, this way you can see if the product does what it is supposed to do. Always choose a matt or semi matt lipstick, this of course is less greasy and less likely to move and slip around on the lips making it longer lasting. Try a few products on the back of your hand, you will soon see which product is more matt, it will also be the one that is denser in colour.

Hair and Make up by Lipstick and Curls

Try a matt finish lip product for your wedding to make it last all day

A manicured brow will compliment every vintage style. My advice is to seek professional help 8 weeks prior to the wedding date so you can develop or repair your shape. Always choose a vintage style that suits your face and work with your natural bone structure. Make use of the fantastic brow products and tools on the market to complete the look.

Vintage Hair and Make Up by Lipstick and Curls

Top Tip – Start shaping your eyebrows 8 weeks prior to your wedding day

Choosing a vintage hairstyle for your wedding day and to complement your dress is crucial. If you are working with a stylist on this bring as much visual information as possible to the trial. Have a strong idea of what you wish to create but be flexible as the stylist will work with your natural features and will create a version of the style.

Vintage Hair and Make Up by Lipstick and Curls

Top Tip – Choose a hairstyle that you’re comfortable with and trial it before your wedding

Feeling happy and confident with your vintage hair and make up styling is key to your happiness on the day and as important as the dress in my opinion. Stay in control and only choose a look you are 100% happy with. Always try the style and if possible wear the style before the day to see how you feel. If your not comfortable you must keep making changes until you are.

Are you wearing a headdress or anything in your hair? Sometimes this will have a huge impact on the style created on the day. If you have something very strong and visual you may choose a more understated vintage style as not to detract from the piece. If you have chosen not to wear anything you could perhaps be more creative with the style instead. Either way try and make this decision before you embark on the hair and make styling.

Vintage Hair & Make Up for your Wedding by Lipstick & Curls

Wearing a hair piece or accessory will affect your chosen hairstyle – don’t forget to mention this to your stylist

Use a waterproof liner! A popular and well-loved product of vintage styling is the black eyeliner, this lends itself beautifully too the 30’s, 40’s 50’s and 60’s. However if you loose this by smudging, sweating or even crying (tears of joy of course!) you can dramatically change the look. If you are working with a stylist insist that they use a waterproof product.

False lashes can be great additions to a vintage style however try them out before hand to see weather they are comfortable and you are happy with the results. I always use semi-permanent glue so I am 100% confident they will stay where I put them. Also using individual lashes will be more comfortable and give a more classic effect.

A huge thanks to Amanda Moorhouse for these fab hair and make up tips. For more inspiration, and to take a look at what Amanda offers, check out

You can also find them on Twitter – @lipstickcurls

Lipstick and Curls - Vintage Styling

Lipstick and Curls – Vintage Styling


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