Love in your Tummy – Food & Drink Trends 2012

Food & Drink for your wedding is hugely important – it’s generally the driving force and influences how your event will run. Here’s some inspiration on what you could offer to your guests, and of course, some vintage twists too. Huge thanks to for lots of fab vintage food ideas.

Food Stations

Over the last few years, food stations have become hugely popular with the advent of more informal dining. This is great for encouraging your guests to mingle, rather than being stuck around a single table. You could organise half a dozen stations, all with different cuisines on offer and appeal to a whole range of food preferences.

*Vintage Twist*

If you’re indecisive like me, why not chose several different eras to take your inspiration from? I’ve put together a few mini sample menus from each of the main wedding inspiration eras to tempt your tastebuds.

1920’s Food Station – Stuffed Pimientos, Salmon & Caviar Rolls, Dainty Finger Sandwiches, Mini Waldolf Salad served on a Crisp Leaf, Chocolate Covered Cherries, Mini Pineapple Upside Down Cakes (Image sourced here)

Oh, and you’ll have to serve Martinis, it’s the 1920’s after all!

1920's Inspired Wedding Cuisine

Chocolate Covered Cherries – Popular Dessert Treat in the 1920’s

1930’s Food Station – Marinated Mushrooms, Pretzels & Cream Cheese, Oyster Canapes, Olives, Anitpasto, Mini Shrimp Cocktail, Mini Maple Meringues (Imaged sourced here)

1930's Inspired Food

Mini Maple Meringues

1940’s Food Station – Baked Whole Ham, Mini Sandwiches on Raisin Bread, Mini Meat Turnovers, Welsh Rarebit Toasties, Apple & Raisin Turnovers, Mini Lemon Meringue Tarts (Image sourced here)

1940's Inspired Wedding Food

1940’s Staple – Raisin Bread Sandwiches

1950’s Food Station – Grilled Steak Bites, Butter-toasted Corn, Garlic French-bread Slices, Mixed Green Salad, Roquefort Dressing, Honeydew Melon with Lime Slice (Image sourced here)

Grilled Steak Mini Canapes

1950’s Inspired Menu – Backyard BBQ

Keep it Local

There’s been a huge focus recently to try to source your food ethically and sustainably – shop local, reduce food miles, support local producers & growers – but that’s not to say you couldn’t utilise this idea for your wedding catering.

*Vintage Twist*

Connect with your local heritage – is there a food or drink story you could incorporate into your wedding catering? Here in Cornwall, tales of smuggling are rife, so why not brew some ginger wine and embrace the smuggling stories! Recipe can be found here –

Local Food & Drinks Tips –

  • Speak to your local butcher to see if he can offer a deal on your BBQ food? He’ll have more bargaining power than a chain supermarket.
  • Start growing! Hire an allotment space and grow your own veg! What could be more satisfying than eating your produce on your special day?
  • Visit local food fayres – are you planning on a late night buffet spread? Source some local chutney and cheese and really treat your guests.
  • Utilise local drink producers – locally brewed ale or cider will add an authentic feel to your event.
  • Keep it rustic and serve your food on wooden boards (image sourced here)
Food Wedding Inspiration

Serve locally sourced produce on wooden boards for that home grown feel

Dessert Tables… but smaller?

Dessert tables are still going strong – and rather than laying on full size versions of your favourite puddings, why not go miniature? Mini puds are a fab idea as your guests won’t be left lethargic after the wedding breakfast. It’s a great continuation after the food station set up outlined above as guests can eat little and often, rather than forcing down canapés, three courses and coffee to boot. I love the idea of mini apple crumbles as a completely selfish personal preference! (Image sourced here)

Mini Desserts for a Wedding Buffet

Incredibly Cute Mini Apple Crumbles

These mini wedding cakes would also make fab wedding favours for your guests to take home with them. And who really fancies wedding cake after all that food anyway? Save it for the cab ride home!! (Image sourced here)

Mini Wedding Cakes Wedding Favours

Edible Wedding Favours – send your guests home with a mini wedding cake!

*Vintage Twist*

Laying on a dessert table is great fun, so why not reconnect with your childhood and provide your guests with some retro sweets too? You could always add some paper bags and let your guests do pic & mix! Think flying saucers, refreshers, candy necklaces, dip dabs, love hearts, blackjacks – the list is endless! (Image sourced here)

Vintage Rustic Miniature Dessert Table

Just add Pic n Mix to this rustic dessert table!

Well, my tummy is now rumbling – time for dinner. Enjoy planning your wedding catering 🙂

L x


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