Guest Blogger – Kate Hayward – Which theme for you?

Wedding update:

I have started assembling my RSVP cards and printed one (of 4) parts of the invite, so I need to get cutting!

Also Edward and I are meeting with my future in laws to finalise some decisions. Eeek…

When I first got engaged I had so many questions.

What date will we choose? Which church will we get married in? – We had 3 in Warwickshire, 4 in Hampshire and 1 in Dorset to choose from. Where would we hold the reception? What sort of wedding do we want, formal, in formal, laid back, themed, traditional, quirky, etc?

Once we had answered these I had one BIG question – How would we style our day?

If you are a wedding addict like me, you will know there are many beautiful options to choose from.

I thought I would share with you a couple of the ideas I considered for our January celebration as well as how I would style a Spring vintage wedding and a quirky theme I love.

White winter wonderland

I love simple themes; for this idea the crisp whites reflect the elegance of a snow covered landscape – and don’t forget a touch of sparkle and snowflakes.

All I would have to do was cross my fingers and pray for snow.

Winter Wedding ThemeTheme for a Winter Wedding

Top row: Winter Bouquet from Orange Blossom Flowers Snow flake cake by Cakes To Wed For Silver Sugared Almonds (image sourced here)

Second row: Table Centre (image sourced here) Winter Wonderland Scene

Third row: Fir Cone Ornaments from Simply Add Style  Snowflake Silver Invite found at Funny Wedding Media  Snowflake Wine Glass Charm from Turquoise Wedding

 Fourth Row: White Petal Confetti image sourced from Shropshire Petals  Rose Pew Ends from Magical Moments Weddings  Coat & Wellies (imaged sourced here)

Trees and lights

While I’m not having a Christmas wedding, I love the smell and texture of Fir trees. A stripped back approach to decoration, using dark/forest greens and a lot of fairly lights, complimented with fun tree decorations.

I would just be thankful I didn’t have to pay the power bill!

Winter Wedding ThemeTree Winter Wedding Theme

Top line: Recycled Green Foliage Invitation found at One Wed  Invite in Bauble (image sourced here)   Ivy

Bottom line: Christmas Tree (image sourced here)  Gingerbread Decorations found on Fifties Wedding  Tree Cupcakes from My Wedding Cakes  Fairy Lights from a Real Wedding on Want That Wedding

My Vintage Theme

I love my sweeties, if I were to have a very vintage day I would take my colour pallet from those yummy pastel treats. I would use home grown blossoms to add colour and fragrance through out the day and spoil everyone with piles of sweets.

Vintage Wedding ThemeVintage Wedding Theme inspired by Sweeties!

Clockwise from right: Sweets Bowls & Spoons available from Party Bits2go  Sweetpeas in Pastel Tones (imaged sourced here)  Mint Green Invitation with Bird Motif by Pocketsized Press on Etsy  Lovehearts & Hundreds and Thousands Cupcakes at From the Sweet Kitchen  Silk flowers in Jam Jars from Folksy  Pretty Floral Bunting also at Folksy  Beautiful Pastel Ribbons found at Embellished Dream  Pink Gin Cocktail (image sourced here)  Flying Saucer Sweets  Polkadot Peach Dress found at Fashion Indie  Lovehearts.

Quirky but Cute

There’s something about owls that’s cute and funny; mix caricature of the birds with wonderful spring blossoms and you have a fun, flexible theme in strong pale colours for a wedding.

Don’t forget those over sized glasses for the photo-booth!

Wedding Theme Owl Wedding Theme

Clockwise from top right: Blossom Sprigs, Cute Owl Invitation by Flying Clementine on Etsy  Blossom in Antique Bottles from Gave That  Blossom Cake found at Weddingbee  Fun Oreo Owl Cupcakes found here  Striped Straws from Etsy  Dried Petal Confetti (image from Vintage mood)   Owl Tea Light Holder available from Earth Angel Therapies  Blue and Pink Spotted Tie from TM Lewin   Photobooth Glasses Props (image sourced here)  Funky Owl Cake Topper (image sourced here)

When it comes to choosing the theme or colours for your day do take the following into account:

  • The date/season you have chosen – unless you want to go for quirky and hold Christmas in July!
  • The venue(s) the celebrations will take place; if you work with your choices the theme will be more cohesive. A seaside theme on a farm could be challenging.
  • Budget and time plays a big roll, if you don’t have much of either don’t be too ambitious. Being realistic about what you can achieve will mean a smoother process; remember to keep a dream list in case you have spare time/money.
  • And finally how you want to look? If you dream of being the princess in a big flowing ballgown and cathedral veil, a cute tea party reception might not compliment your style, unless you have a second 1950’s tea-length dress to change into…

If you would like to know more about the theme I chose for the wedding please checkout my blog

Until next time…

Kate xx


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