Vintage Trends for 2012 – Part One

So this evening, I thought I’d tell you about some wonderful vintage trends that are featuring in weddings this year, and how you could incorporate them into your day. Today’s post will include some lovely vintage wedding dress trends, and some colour palette options too.

Later in the week, I’ll be featuring some popular ways to document your day, along with some floral ideas & venue decoration, so stay tuned for more! But for tonight, here we go…

Vintage Wedding Dress Trends

Last year, Kate Middleton wore her Alexander McQueen wedding gowns that had a huge influence on wedding dress designs, with several features that are considered to be vintage inspired. Royal weddings always tend to create trends for several years following the event, and Kate’s have been no exception. Image sourced here via Getty Images.

Vintage inspired Alexander McQueen

Two gowns worn by Kate Middleton at her Wedding in 2011

The iconic dress she wore for the ceremony at Westminster Abbey featured intricate lace sleeves. Lace has featured heavily in vintage dresses from previous eras and this creates a classic, demure look. The slight plunging sweetheart neckline does add a modern feel to the gown however. Her choice of evening dress also gives a nod in the vintage direction, with a cropped mohair shrug, which is very characteristic of 1930’s fashion, image sourced here. Ideal Bride Magazine also predicted lace wedding dresses as a trend for 2012, and the article can be found here.

Influenced by 1930's Fashion

1930’s Fashion – An influence on Kate’s wedding day choices

Although there are of course still many traditional wedding gowns to choose from, original and replica vintage is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to selecting your dress. Heavenly Vintage stock original vintage dresses and I love this example, with a high illusion neckline and beautiful buttons running down the back. Images sourced from the company website.

Wedding Dress from Heavenly Vintage

Original Vintage Wedding Dress – Lace, Detailing, Buttons – Beautiful!

Heavenly Vintage Original Wedding Dress Vintage

Vintage Wedding Dress from Heavenly Vintage

So some key themes to take from here –

  • Lace is huge – incorporate it wherever you can
  • Sleeves – whether you go for full length or just over the shoulders, you’ll be right on trend
  • Go for intricate detailing – buttons, embroidery, the more the better
  • Accessorise your look with key pieces – add a vintage shrug, delicate accessories or pearls

Vintage Colour Palette Trends

Moving onto colour trends now, I’ve picked my favourite two, as I could honestly go on for hours!

Dusky Pink & Champagne

I’ve put together a mood board using this lovely combination of colours. Shoes sourced from Glitz-Glamour Online, Lace Cake by Dazzlelicous Cakes, Flowers by Sharon Mesher, Crockery by Devon Vintage China & Venue Decor sourced at LMD Weddings.

Pink & Champagne Themed Mood Board

Another sneaky wedding dress trend here (sorry, couldn’t resist!!) – don’t be afraid to experiment with colour when you choose your dress. Blush pink has become a favourite this year, and the ‘Haruki’ dress by Tobi Hannah ticks the box for colour and style – this 50’s style dress is just adorable. Image sourced from company website.

Tobi Hannah Vintage Style Wedding Dress

Tobi Hannah Vintage Style Wedding Dress

Black & White

Arguably, black and white will never go out of fashion and it’s certainly here to stay for 2012 – This is a striking and iconic colour combination – think 1940’s Film Noir, and you’re on the right track. Don’t be scared to go all out with this colour theme – whether it be spots, stripes or even your wedding attire. I love this black and white wedding, situated in the most fabulous venue. I found this featured on the The Savannah Wedding Planner website. Image sourced here too.

Black and White Wedding in Venue

Complete Black & White Theme in a Stunning Venue

I also love this floral bouquet in black and white, sourced from DK Floral Weddings & Events.

Black & White Wedding Inspiration Vintage

Black & White Wedding Bouquet

As I mentioned earlier, there’s lot more to come this week. Part Two should be following tomorrow evening, and Part Three will appear at some point over the weekend. We have our first wedding reception of the summer at my venue this Saturday so I’m a busy little bee!

What do you think of the above trends? Are you sticking to ‘What’s in’ or breaking the mould with your wedding dress? What colour scheme are you having on your wedding day?

L x


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