Virginia’s Vintage Hire

Beautiful Chairs from Virginia's

Virginia’s Vintage Hire – Reclaimed Chairs

So often do good ideas come along when you least expect them…

Whilst planning their rustic, country-style wedding, husband and wife to be Ginny & Greg noticed a gap in the market. They couldn’t find the right style of vintage furniture they had in mind for their special day, despite searching everywhere and attending wedding fairs. And then, a spontaneous purchase of 300 job lot old chairs immediately solved their problem but launched them into something quite exciting.

After a little TLC, but retaining their rustic feel, the chairs were ready for their wedding day. But they didn’t need all 300 chairs so they popped the extras up for sale online. The response they received was overwhelming, and rather than selling all of the chairs off, they came up with idea of starting a hire company.

With such humble beginnings, their range has now rapidly expanded from not just furniture, but accessories, picture frames, vintage garden games, and even vintage transport.

Their stats to date are pretty impressive – since they established their Facebook Page in March 2012, they have supplied hire items to no less than 14 weddings, 1 feature film shoot, 2 garden parties and already have bookings lined up for 2013! Ginny & Greg eventually hope to take the company forward as their full time occupations, rather than juggling with their day jobs!

I thought I’d include some of my favourite pieces from their collection but the full range can be seen on their website. I’ve also included a slideshow at the bottom with lots more hire items.

First of all, you can hire lanterns out for £3.00 each which would look beautiful at a marquee or garden wedding. Image sourced from company website.

Beautiful additions to a Vintage Garden Wedding

Lanterns from Virginia’s Vintage Hire

I love this image, taken from showing the magical impact that lanterns can have at nighttime, transforming a space into something out of a fairytale when the sun goes down. Image sourced from the Party Ideas by a Pro website (via Martha Stewart Weddings).

Lights at a Garden Party Wedding

Beautiful Lighting in the Garden (for illustrative purposes only)

The next items make me think that an Alice in Wonderland theme is the way to go. You can hire a croquet set from Virginia’s which to me, seems like a fabulous way to enjoy the afternoon following your wedding ceremony.

Croquet Hire Set

A lovely way to spend the day – Croquet!

I’ve decided that if I went for an Alice and Wonderland theme, I would insist that my other half will dress like this! Image sourced here, photoshoot by All Things Beautiful by Loreta.

Alice in Wonderland Theme

Alice in Wonderland (for illustrative purposes only)

Finally, and I might just invest in one of these just for pootling about in Cornwall, are two lovely Vespa scooters, available for hire at £200.00 each. What a way to arrive in style at your venue, although I would recommend either a short wedding dress or change of clothes for the bride!!

Alternative Wedding Transport

The way to travel – by Vespa!

I think what I like most about Virgina’s Vintage Hire is that it came along out of the blue, from two people who were planning their most important day. I love their outlook, “We absolutely love what we do and are passionate about making sure we stick to what we would have bought if we were still buying and collecting for our own wedding” I think they’ll do very well indeed.

Please take a look at or Contact Ginny on 07815 313536 or

L x

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  1. Simon

    Very well done Gin Ginny!

  2. These guys are awesome – lovely people – they are so customer focussed and want the best for each event they supply – if you want top quality vintage hire then these are the guys for you

  3. Are there any other similar companies?
    We contacted them and they are booked out on our wedding day!

  4. Are there any other similar companies?!
    We tried to hire some vintage tables and chairs from them for our wedding day but they’re all booked out!
    Any other suggestions?

  5. Leave it with me and I can certainly look into an alternative for you. Whereabouts are you based? x

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