Thrifty Wedding Ideas

If you’re planning a wedding on a tight budget, or you simply don’t wish to splurge when you could otherwise save, there are tons of money-saving methods you can utilise – you just have to be a little bit inventive.

Earlier in the week, I wrote a post on wedding finances, and included a few budget friendly tips with you all. These included a beautiful homemade wedding bouquet and some cute pebble favours. But I’d like to share you a few more with you this afternoon.

One of the most important considerations for many brides when planning their special day is ensuring that it is well documented with beautiful weddings photographs. But it’s also great to get some more candid shots of your loved ones with the funniest moments often occurring after your photographer has left and after a Prosecco or two… Hiring a photobooth can be a good way of getting spontaneous images but these are often quite expensive to hire in (I’ve seen quotes for £500.00 for 3 hours). I much prefer the idea of placing disposable cameras on the tables for your guests to do with as they please – I love these from Ebay which come in different designs to suit your theme. And for just £20.00 for 10 cameras, I consider them to be a bargain! Image sourced on Ebay Listing.

Disposable Camera for Weddings

Custom Disposable Camera

Another idea, which would be perfect for a summertime, country-style wedding, is the good old jam jar. This is something you can collect in the months or even years leading up to your wedding (start now, even if you’re not engaged!) and bares minimal expense. All you need to do on the day is add a simple bunch of flowers, some buttons or feathers to accessorise, and possibly some spare scraps of material. It’s cute, cheap, and a certainly a lot less expensive than an extravagant centerpiece that makes the people sitting opposite each other constantly crane their necks around to talk! The Green Gal blog has posted a fab tutorial on how to put together the designs below – the little jackets on the jam jars are just adorable! Image sourced on tutorial page.

Vintage Table Centrepieces

Flowers in Jam Jars – by the Green Gal

Bunting has played a pivotal role in the Vintage themed weddings that have been so popular over the last few years. There’s a wonderful new company in Plymouth called BoBunting, who hire out the most beautiful fabric bunting, and it is extremely high quality. Hiring your bunting is definitely the easiest way and it’s not too expensive. But if you think you might use it again at some point (think engagement party, wedding day, summer BBQ, birthday parties?), it might be worth investing and making your own!

Not as daunting as it sounds, there’s a great tutorial from The ButtonBag here with a step by step guide on how to make your own bunting. If you’re like me, and break sewing machines the minute you step in the same room as one, have a little patience. Invite the girls over and have an afternoon of stitching and bitching – enjoy a glass of rose (just one, otherwise it’ll end up wonky) and sew the triangles on by hand. What’s nice about making your own is that you can personalise the triangles. Think names, embellishments, your wedding date… Image sourced on the tutorial page.

Vintage Bunting

Homemade Bunting by the Button Bag

We’re soon to be joined on the blog by our first ever guest bride to be blogger (try saying that after that glass of rose!!) and she’s going to be including lots of crafty hints and tips with her posts. So if you’re looking to personalise your day, save some money and get creative, watch this space.

L x


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  2. Great tips, especially with the disposable camera. Let the groom mates have a good time with them as well. Each idea can mean a huge savings for a wedding event.

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