Reflection on Week 1 on Dotty Vintage

First of all, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s visited Dotty Vintage Weddings so far. This blog has been set up as a personal project, with the little thought in the back of my mind that someday, it might go somewhere very exciting.

I’ve blogged about wedding accessories and wedding attire, vintage home-wares and interior design. I’ve done my first feature on an extremely talented jewellery designer, and have a regular blogging bride lined up in the wings.

Having sat down and pondered over a cup of tea last night, I’ve been thinking about what makes this blog different from all the others out there. As you all know, I have a passion for all things vintage and I’d like to keep that running throughout the majority of the content that comes through on the blog.

But I’m also the Wedding Co-ordinator for my beautiful venue in Devon. I manage lots of other events as part of my job including some vintage fayres that are not only unique for the venue, but also for Plymouth itself. I’m actively working within the industry at the moment, not behind the scenes. I want to bring real life experiences to the blog and really show you the work it takes to make a wedding a real success.

I’m looking forward to bringing you real weddings, guest blogs from brides in the depths of the planning process, and lots of inspiration for lovely vintage themes and suppliers. There will still be an occasional post about vintage home accessories and interiors too, because I just love them too much not to share. So there will be plenty of pretty things to look at when I’m not gossiping!

So that’s where I am. Blogging about things I love dearly but also giving you the sneaky inside scoop on what it can be like to work within the wedding industry on the front line.

I’d really love any feedback from my followers, please comment below with any recommendations, criticism, suggestions or encouragement.

L x


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