Vintage Wedding Favours

And so it begins… I thought I’d write my first blog on this lovely Sunday evening in Cornwall. I’ve also started with a post that ticks both boxes; Vintage & Weddings.

This post focuses on one of the smaller details at a wedding, but one that people often worry about – Wedding Favours. It’s a lovely thought that each guest can take away a little memento to remind them of your special day. But brides often anguish over what to choose; you want your Wedding Favours to be meaningful & personalised, but remain in a realistic budget. And you mustn’t forget that you are of course treating your guests to a day of wining, dining and even an overnight stay in some cases. When it comes to Wedding Favours, in my opinion, it really is the thought that counts.

That being said, there are some highly creative and extravagant ideas out there, and if money is no object, then it might be nice to splurge. I’ve tried to include a range of options to suit all budgets, and hopefully you’ll find something that will the suit the day that you’ve been so carefully planning. I’ve also chosen Vintage themed favours to inspire you.

  • First of all, it’s undeniable that Vintage Crockery is a prominent feature in many weddings nowadays. Whether it be hiring in mix-matched items for an Afternoon Tea or simply using them as props around your venue, it is something that many businesses are wholly based upon. I found this idea for wedding favours on The Boutique Markets Blog I like the idea of sourcing the vintage crockery at car boot sales, craft fairs, flea markets – wherever you can think of. It’s a bit of DIY job when it comes to filling them and would certainly take investment of both your time, effort and finance. But the result is definitely a “Wow”. The price per favour would be dependent on how much you source the original materials for but they probably wouldn’t come cheap.
Vintage Wedding Favours

DIY Wedding Favours

  • Next up is a fabulous handmade favour from All the Tea & China. This is a much easier way of providing a Vintage inspired favour for your lovely guests. These decorated biscuits come in lots of different shapes but I love the teapot style and prices start from £1.75 per biscuit. The only downside is the lifespan of the favours, these won’t last forever (or much past the end of the evening) but it’s a nice gesture all the same.
Biscuit Vintage Wedding Favours

All the Tea & China Wedding Favours

  • My next discovery is from The Wedding of My Dreams They might just be the cutest wedding favours I’ve ever seen, and are a bargain at just over 60p each (available in packs of 8). Each one contains a scroll with either a joke, piece of trivia or topic to chat about. It’s a great ice-breaker for your guests, and is something they can take away with them too. They look adorable on the side of a cup and saucer and would brighten up any table.
Vintage Wedding Favours

Vintage Wedding Favour Crackers

Vintage Wedding Favours

Wedding Favours on Vintage Crockery

  • My final favours come from an Etsy Shop called OwlNatural who make handmade salt soaps. You might wonder how this counts as Vintage? Well they’re each wrapped in salvaged pages from Vintage children’s books – very cool if you ask me! They work out at about £1.00 each (excluding shipping costs).
Vintage Wedding Soap Favours

Soaps Favours by OwlNatural

So I’ve explored some handmade & DIY options, affordable to the extravagant, all with a Vintage Twist.

That’s all folks!

L x


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