Alternative Wedding Shoes

It’s Day 2, and my second proper post on the blog. It’s been a rather dreary, drizzly day here in Cornwall so I thought I’d post some inspirational wedding shoes that will brighten up your evening.

The first come from the artist Deborah Thomson, aka Figgie. She runs Figgie Shoes and is one talented lady. The basic concept is find a shoe style that you like and that fits you perfectly, send the shoes to Deborah with everything you’d like included on the design (words, colours, dates etc) and she creates the most personalised, unique and stunning shoes to suit your requirements. She can personalise pretty much any shoe but she specialises in bridal designs. I like this peep toe lace up pair with simple blue detailing. Image sourced from Figgie Shoes Facebook Page.

Alternative Wedding Shoes

Customised Wedding Shoes by Figgie Shoes

Next, we have LA based designer Jeffrey Campbell With vintage inspired designs, the brand has grown dramatically since its conception in 2000; his shoes are now recognised worldwide. I’ve always loved wedges, and came across the ‘Swansong’ design which are just beautiful. They aren’t wedding shoes (officially speaking) but I think they would be adorable to wear under a traditional gown for a Summer or Spring wedding. Image Sourced Dei Fashion Store where they are also available to purchase.

Swansong Floral Wedges

Floral Wedges by Jeffrey Campbell

Irregular Choice originated in Brighton in 1999 and was the brain child of Dan Sullivan. He wanted to create “A supply of something fresh and fun that maintains imagination and originality above all else” and he’s certainly achieved that. ‘Oz can’t Touch this!’ available here at Schuh are so indulgent, it almost seems a shame to hide them under your dress. With a chunky heel to save your feet, and intricate detailing, they certainly break the mould of the traditional wedding shoe. Even the sole is fantastic!

Alternative Wedding Shoes by Irregular Choice

Wedding Shoes by Irregular Choice

Irregular Choice Shoes

Extravagant Detailed Soles

And finally, taking inspiration from the glorious British Summertime we’ve all been enjoying, I though I’d add a back up plan into the mix. No doubt some of you lovely brides will need a pair of Wellington Boots this Summer, and Weddington Boots might not be a bad place to start looking – their slogan is “Can’t rain on my parade!” This pair is from their 2011 collection – all the tradition of a wedding shoe in a welly boot!

Alternative Wedding Wellington Boots

Wedding Wellies by Weddington Boots

From my little search today, it’s no wonder brides spend hours agonising over this decision – it’s like regular shoe shopping – only for the most important day of your life (no pressure!). But when I have to choose my wedding shoes, I think I’ll pick something outside the box, I’ll avoid satin, ivory pumps and really push the boat out. And some of the shoes above could be used again & again. It might be nice to relive your special day and remember the happy memories every time you look down at your feet. Or maybe I’ll put them on a special cushion in the corner of the room and just admire them from afar? 🙂

L x


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